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WOE 3, 4th September 2020 according to the Movie – London has fallen

This date from the Movie “London has fallen” due to be released in 2016 being 4th september 2020 could be the date they are going to nuke Mystery Babylon the Great-er London!  This off course they need to do to destroy the wealth of the Catholic Church which is where the Rothschild’s have stored the Roman Catholic Church gold for the last 200 years.

Buy nuking London that will be the final event in the New World Order game plan to reduce the population down to 500,000,000 5 hundred million.  By doing this they will bankrupt the Catholic Church and have total power thereafter, except for one thing, Jesus is going to return and throw them in the bottomless pit the energy prison!

Woe three is God’s wrath on mankind, mystery Babylon the Greater London, The Prince of Wales System beast and The Harlot the Bank of England.



 We all ready know that the 8-9th March 2021 is the end of the Authority of the Beast, and Jesus could come back before or after that date. But what about the 4th September 2020 what are the star charts saying about this date, I.e. where are the planets Saturn and Jupiter seeing as Jupiter was the planet used to hit Leo on the Heel 8th November 2015 and wacked satan on the head 23-24 September 2017.

First Chart – Click on a chart to enlarge

04 09 2020 london has fallenAs you can see from this chart the alignments are all over the place.  So little can be gained from it or so it would seem.

04092020 zoomed in on horse and rider

Zooming in we can see that Jupiter is in the Locks of Hair of the First Rider of Seal one – The Horse & Rider with a Bow!  Saturn is further out.  Satan has a rotation period around the Sun of 28.45 years where as Jupiter is only 11 years so Jupiter is moving 2.6 or more time faster than Saturn and therefore will catch up as it were.

04092020 mars and venus attacking the fish

 In this chart we see that the Roman god of Mars is attacking the River of Life as it were and the Moon change cycle attacking the Fish.

Armageddon War to kill the people!


04 09 2020 zoomed in with virgo

We see Mercury again attacking Mother Earth as represented by Virgo or the Undefended one in Arabic. Mercury Poison aka Nuclear War.

Last chart being of the Trump Card that Satan used number 19 the Sun

04092020 sun in leo

 And off course attacking Leo the Lion being Jesus on the left leg.

We don’t know the time of the hour indeed 4th september 2020 could be coded for another date, time will tell.

We don’t know when Jesus will return we just know it is getting closer by the minute.

We have demonstrated that the Three woes in Revelation 9 are directly related to Genesis 3 v 15 and cover off the three things God said to Adam & Eve, & Satan / reptilian.   The three woe’s MUST happen or SPACETIME will not balance out unless of course the world repented, that is very unlikely and therefore the WOE’s must happen and the first one is on the 8th November 2015.



woman in heaven gives birth


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