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Why Talk Prophecy?

Its a good question, from what I experience a lot, a lot of pastors, preachers ministers, don’t like talking about the Book of Revelation.  However they get really upset if you put dates on things.  This is because in times past people have put dates on things and later it was shown they were completely wrong.   Which is true.  However when  you match up the book of Revelation with the Astronomy and the Biblical Astrology of the Bible not just Revelation one can be exact and precise! And that is the difference use God’s wheel within a wheel, as a measuring device and the actual device being the Musical clock of Musical Clocks titled our Solar System one can be precise to the fifth decimal point!.  And that is simply incredible!

So why talk Prophecy from the Book of Revelation, Daniel, Isaiah, Ezekiel, Jasher, First Book of Adam & Eve and so on.  Well because it is going to happen (that’s the future) and is happening and has happened in the now!.  Also the book of Revelation is not as descriptive as other books.  That’s why it was chosen to be in the Bible, it was never going to scare the socks of anybody, the trade off though is people do not know what it is on about and have been taught, it is to-boo. Some preachers almost hate their people talking about Revelation.  Yet as we draw close to a very major event in the bible, these preachers I believe will be questioned as to why they did not warn and shelter their flock.

by Peter Paul & Mary – Get out of the way – my title

So what is the book of Revelation.  Some would say a bell some would say a Hammer.  Like Thor’s Hammer, When it comes down don’t be in the way of it.  So we have something very wonderful to talk about and that is the signs that Jesus is coming to Earth soon but before then the Earth has to become a lot more ruined.  We are the Watchman Blowing the Horn, Sounding the Alarm, Hammering out truth and the now and the future, singing about the truth. Jesus is alive. He is alive and He will come suddenly.

So let’s listen to a song about spreading the Gospel of Love of the Father Son and Holy Spirit.

By Peter Paul & Mary

So next time a preacher not happy about you talking prophecy, just smile and say praise the Lord I going to do more of it! But realise you may have to agree to disagree, Why well they have been to bible college! And bible college’s don’t listen to the people of God who are led of the Holy Spirit (my experience) why?, well you don’t have a PhD in Theology and ever other “*logy” out there!



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