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Where do I get my WATER from?

Turkey Aggression Against Syria and Iraq

With 799 Iraqis Killed in May 2014 (Click here for story) alone who would have throught they needed another problem. As far as problems go this is one massive problem. Where do the Iraqis drink from?
Where do or will they get their water from.

Can you imagine it not only do they have a tough time just day to day, soon they will have no water. How do they defend their rights as a country against Turkey? President George Bush and Snr Bush destroyed their (Iraqis) Army and Air force, leaving them now way to fight Turkey let alone Syria. Those poor people, I am sure glad I was not born in the middle east. Not that it matters much really I suppose the earth is now in its last seven days with a Day equalling 365 days. Therefore LAST 7 years before the Lord Jesus returns. Less than 7 years to go. Hallelujah for that!

Below is picture of a Syrian Dam getting dry very quickly. Click on the photo to read the article.
news article June 2014 Turkey turns of water

I did a facebook post just over a year ago and most even Christians did not believe it or said unlikely that Turkey would turn of the water! The link to that post is Click here.

Now there is only around 1200 days to go before Revelation 12 verse one and two become true. Using Astronomy which God is using “Gods Maths” VIRGO will give birth to Jupiter on and at 7:36 AM Saturday the 23rd of September 2017 Israeli time. Which is 9:36 Greenwich meat time. Notice the numbers 7 is finial (7 days a week Cycle and is known as fatal number 7) 36 minutes is (6+6+6+)+(6+6+6) = 36 minutes.

To me it is saying This is Final #7 and 36 is two lots of 666 added together. So opposition to GOD watch OUT!

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