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What’s Next Barry?

Well I don’t know everything just what the LORD GOD shows me!

Bible Prophecies are coming true everyday, only a person who refuses to see, cannot see them!

So what is next?

Let me summarize it.

1a. 8th of August 2015 the Volatility Indexed bottomed out and the crash that had already begun just got serious!  This is part 1 of 3 of the crash.

1. 15th September CERN has Full Power

2. 15th September Jade Helm Soldiers and personnel get a weeks holiday

3. 24th September is the 70th Year of Jubilees since Joshua crossed over the Jordan River into the Promised Land. 70 time 50 years is 3,500 years. 5 for Grace, 7 for final and 10 for mans government incomplete.

4. At 08:12:30 AM on the 24th September 2015 Australia Eastern Time  AET CERN will blow the bottomless Pit. This will be at 23:12:30 London Time and 18:12:30 New York City Time on the 23rd of September 2015

5. The energy needed to open the pit is here and is beamed to earth via the gadget on the ISS.

6. Wormwood Star is here activates Trumpets 1 to 5.  USA takes its citizens below ground via Walmart shops Mines and DUMBs

7. CERN is blown up and the Pit is opened and Apolloyon Angel in charge of the pit is released.  He is on another page whose shape has been used in the Avengers Movies as the AI building AI for Alien Intelligence

8. 25th September Atlanta Georgia USA Music Festival to celebrate the Opening of the Bottomless Pit.

9. 28th September 2015  Blood Moon 5 of 5

10. The rest of the USA citizen’s who don’t fit have to fend for themselves or get burnt to death by the fire that Hydrogen from the wormwood star (Nibiru or planet X) mixing with our Oxygen rich atmosphere create.

11. Locusts will come out of the pit but probably the Sky and will sting everyone who does not have the Seal of God on their foreheads. Spiritual Seal.  They will be strung for 153 days or 5 month exact cycle.  man will be vulnerable as infrastructure and homes have been destroyed

12. As CERN is blown up 13.5 Kilometer diameter wide Furnace is created. This saturates the whole world with a lot of smoke into the Air.

13. As the wormwood star passes an “Earthquake”

14. 1/3 of the Ships in the Sea will sink, not a good time to be on a cruise!

15. This disaster adds to the Japan disaster in turning the water bitter / as in poisonous (bitter)

16. But God Seals up the mountain that would destroy the whole earth Jeremiah 51 v 25  Behold, I am against thee, O destroying mountain, saith the LORD, which destroyest all the earth: and I will stretch out mine hand upon thee, and roll thee down from the rocks, and will make thee a burnt mountain.

17. 1/3 of the fish in the sea die i.e. the North Pacific Ocean is dead.  But the Violence of the Pit being Opened will kill the fish as well.

18. Fresh water aquifers linked to Japan are polluted with radiation making them bitter and many will die from drinking “fresh water”

19. As wormwood passes Earthquakes and Volcanoes in addition will send more ash into the sky.

20. The points 3 and 12 will cause the sky to darken so that it is moonlight at midday.

21. Transport of goods and food severely hampered from then on.

22. Dark sky will cause crops to fail.

23. The above is Seal 3 Woe 1 and Trumpets 1 to 5.

24. 2016 Seal 4 activates and people starve to death. God’s people, Christians WILL NOT starve to death as God provides for them.

25. 2017 Famine continues crash continues and that brings us up to 23/09/2017 which is when Revelation 12 is fulfilled, buy my book “Woman in Heaven gives Birth”

And all that is just the first WOE!  Get Ready for what happens after the 23/09/2017!  AND ALL of the ABOVE is in the BIBLE!  AND it is coming to pass EXACTLY as the OLD and NEW Testaments have predicted!

mission badge 19.90Everyday CERN is watching what the SUN does so that it can capture Energy (Angel of Light)!  This causes signs to be in the Sun Moon Earthquakes and Volcano’s to Erupt.  Noticed they been on the increase since beginning of March 2015?

The End times is talking about until Jesus returns! i.e. not the end of the world!      So what is next is:

end-times-11. Blood Moon 5 of 5 on the 28th September 2015 #09/28/2015 Click here

2.  Trumpet Number 5 24th September 2015 click here

3.  Seal No: 3 Balance of the Powers of Heaven are shaken as CERN OPENS the Bottomless Pit which is Trumpet NO 5 Click here 28th September 2015.  CERN will open the door (Stargate) with the Key to the Door Number 21 Terrawatts of Power (Fibonacci sequence 21) and the Gadget on the International Space Station, Beaming the Angel of Light to the facility and through the EARTH! Therefore Bottomless Pit was 100% accurate!

4. The First Woe 24th September 2015 when the pit is opened Click here

What Should I do?

If you owned a house CERN Sell the thing! it will either be blown up or worthless who would want to be next to a disaster like a great furnace! Except if you live inland from the Sea!

What will Happen on or around the 24th September 2015?

Its a good Question see the links they will open in a new page.

The problem is The Famine has started and it started in March 2011 when Japan Trumpet NO:3 disaster happened.  Now the USA has banned all fishing along its entire west coast due to radiation and fish stocks depleting!

2016 to 23rd September 2017.

5.  100 year cycle of FAMINE will repeat 1916-1917 is now going to be 100 years later 2016-2017!  however in 1916-17 only 0.298% of the worlds population died of starvation and some of that was industry and transport was destroyed, which is happening again!

6. 2016 SEAL NUMBER 4 will be opened click here   Starvation, pestilence (no medications or little) People killing each other for food, wild animals like dogs and cats, lions, elephants, tigers, monkeys and others will hunt people and kill for food!

Stock up on Non perishable Food, personal Care Items and Toilet roll! Toilet Roll? yes Toilet Roll if you don’t eat you still need to go to the Toilet!   Stock up while you can because once this thing blows supermarkets world wide will be empty in minutes!

I believe in 2016 & 2017 and because of the Stock Market Crash property prices will kid with stack of moneyfall as people SELL to be able to Buy food and Estates will sell them as people die off.  1/4 of the earth effected if this is people then that is 1.865 Billion people will die as crops fail and food becomes expensive to buy! 

#09/23/2017 #09/24/2017 #23/09/2017 #24/09/2017

Even worse things are happen as of the Weekend of the 23rd-24th of September 2017

Read about them in my book titled “Woman in Heaven gives Birth!




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