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The last 7 years of Tribulation started on 8th March 2014

I have previously covered this in February 2014 and later April 2014 here is the link

Since then and recently I had a look at the Video sung by Olivia Newton John called Xanadu here is the link

In that song when I first watched it a few times I could see a plane towards the end I was young and wondered for a while about it, but I never thought until recently that in the movie was a code that predicted the Plane and the date!

The last 7 years started when the plane took off from Malaysia at 11:45pm on the 8th March 2014 or when it when missing 30 minutes later at 12:15am on the 9th March ASIA time 2015.

I mentioned this because in non middle east countries people especially Christians don’t think the last 7 years of Tribulation has stated whereas we are now over 18 months into it and if Jesus comes back 6 months early then we are 2 years into it! or just 6.5 years and forget the 7! either way we are in the last 7 years of Tribulation!

How I came to know that was by subtracting the 1260 days in SPACETIME from the 23/09/2017 when Revelation 12 comes True which is the Weekend of the NEW WORLD ORDER begins!

I have extended my book to include this and it is now called “The New World Order and the Woman in Heaven gives Birth” which is at 7:36am Jerusalem time.

At that time will be a conversion value of wealth into the new currencies which at this point in time is the currency of the Phoenix the Poland currency of zolty

The Phoenix Currency in the same packet as the Australian currency in a special mint which happen to many currencies I am belive – I.e. the second beast “The Rothschild Financial Dynasty” informing the world where is it going!

2014-07-05 10.38.04

The notes look like this:

500000 100000 Polish_banknote_from_1917_-_10_Marek_Polskich Poland-Bielsko-Biala-Commemorative-Coin coins coins 4 imagesNotice some of the coins have the reed around them.  You will notice that more and more it is an image of the beast from the land the aforementioned.  The Reed is in place of the Phoenix it is on the NATO emblem and many around the world!

As with my coins it seems that pure Silver $1.00 coin gets you 20 Zolty! And a fowl bird (phoenixs’ are not real) to boot!

Remember it was not until Hitler (Germany)  invaded Poland that England went to war! The first beast looked after the second beast back then!

The conversion rate on the DOW JONES INDUSTRIAL AVERAGE will likely be 428 points! and the DJI is coded to end on the 22/09/2017 and that was set when the DJIA was originally set up. So the people who set it up knew back then that the NWO would being on the weekend of the 23-24th September 2017!  Think about that, the dark side have known the dates for hundreds of years! And quite possibly more!

My book The new world order and The Woman in Heaven gives Birth available from this site below and from Amazon by The new world order and the woman in heaven gives birth  goes into this and more! with only 22 months to go its best to be informed and prepare if you can for the Great Tribulation can start anytime from the 8th November 2015 and greater Tribulation as of 23/09/2017 comes round! Revelation 9 v 12 

One woe is past; and, behold, there come two woes more hereafter.

Second Woe is 23-24th of September 2017 When the New World Order begins and Satan fall from the Starry night sky where he is right now see video below

So prepare pray get strong in the Lord and read about what is about to happen to the Whole World! – Start by purchasing the book below.

The New World Order and The Woman in Heaven gives Birth.


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