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The Killing of Key People

There are killings going on everywhere.

Bankers Astronomers Scientists anyone who does not toe the line, object or get in the way or even potentially could are killed off.  Last year I was getting my bible college mates to pray against these things, but the truth is you may stop a few by prayer but then must come as the Bible has said it would.

Here is a video from about banker deaths

Then a few quotes to prove what I have said above is what these Satanists do to get what Satan wants!

quotes by the architects

Just hope your not on a plane that has been targeted due to a person not agreeing with the Beasts and the Elite because if you are bang bang your Dead!

Blondie Sang it well, because if you do not chose Jesus, one way or another they will get ya or trick ya, give you the slip!  Pink slip your gone!


quotes by the architects 2


So you see we were born, born to be alive, but these satanist’s and Satan himself say we should be dead!


Astronomers dying in pairs


Where is the Love by black Eye Pea’s Certainly Satan, the Beasts and False Prophet have none!

The Answer is God is Love

The Answer is Jesus is Love

The Answer is Holy Spirit is Love

God the Father, Jesus the God, God the Holy Spirit


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