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If your expecting Rapture before tribulation then what is this?

People keep saying to me hundreds of them over the net, we will be okay because my loving God will save me from Tribulation.

Is that right?

Then why didn’t save these people from Tribulation?



The statement of My God will save me before the tribulation, or pre Tribulation Rapture, flies right in the face of Respect of Persons, of which we know that God is not a respect-er of Persons!

So why should God save you from tribulation and not these people from tribulation?

Rapture is a Lie for many reasons.

One day I might list them. But right now, search the scriptures like the one in Revelation that says to him that over cometh the mark of the beast, and its image will I give ….  If your going to be saved from the Tribulation then why is the spirit and Jesus saying to him that over cometh the Mark of the Beast?

To say you will not go through the hard times is saying you will not through the time of the Mark of the Beast which scripture clearly says you will, and seeing that is the case RAPTURE is a LIE.

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