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Star Gate – Continuum – Date 11/25/2016

Did STARGATE Continuum give us the date years ago?

Here is the picture 4 minutes to the end of the movie but last the very last screen shot before the credits.



Lets have a look at this. We know in America the Month is first the day is second and the year is last.  They have given us the day being the 25th of the Month and the year being 2016 possibly.

We already know because of this authors calculation that Virgo gets Pregnant on the 11/25/2016 and by Matthew Nicolson dark side numbers that USA is due to declare WW3 on the 26th November 2016.

Question is then can SG be number 11 (Eleven)?


Using the alphabet as numbers we have A = 1 and B=2 and Z=26

G is the 7th Letter in the Alphabet and S is the 19th.  Add them together and you come too:

(S-G) = the date

(19-7)=12  Less TEAL’C Counting backwards and forwards I.E Z=1 if we mix them up what could we get?

T=7, E=5, A=1, L=12, C=3

(7+5+1+12+3)=28!  28 is a Full Luna Cycle.  The equation for the Month then becomes 12 less 1 Full Luna Cycle (12-1)=11

11 = November!!!  We have the Date told to us by the dark side of when Virgo gets Pregnant the 25th November 2016.  11/25/16 ….

They worked it out years before I did! Nevertheless I used Gods Solar System Musical Clock and that I relied on, as does the dark side, some of the time.  As I have said before the opposition studies the Bible more and better than the Christians do!

Then we have the code for the Date of Virgo Getting Pregnant on STARGATE CONTINUUM Movie – if you don’t think they would do this I suggest you watch Nicolson1968 channel!



Then off course you have the picture of the Old Sailor with the Grandson that would not have been born for 30 years or so = Past meets the Future!

Jesus Said I beheld Satan fall as lightening from Heaven, That happens when Virgo gives Birth which is on the weekend of 23-24th September 2017 and Virgo gets pregnant on the 25th November 2016 meaning the Past is about to catch up with OUR Future!

JESUS said it 2000 years ago, saw it probably over 5500 years ago and it is becoming OUR REALITY!


Others would say the “Mandella” Effect – but that is just rubbish! If that were true why don’t Satan fall to the other Earth and leave this one alone?  Why? Because there is no other EARTH, Until after the Second Judgement, and for those on Jesus side we go to The New Heaven and New Earth!



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