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Scriptures OT re imagery

References to word image in the Old Testament

The word Image appears 71 times in the old testament. Imagery appears once only, Image’s once only, images 69 times.  Total being 142 times



 List is:

Gen 1v26, 1v27, 1v27, 5v3, 9v6,  Ex 20v4 Lev 26v1, 26v1,26v1 Deut 4v16, 4v23, 4v25, 5v18,9v12,16v22, 27v15, Judg 17v3, 17v4, 18v14, 18v17, 18v17, 18v18, 18v18, 18v20, 18v30, 18v31 1 Sam 19v13, 19v16 2nd Kings 3v2, 10v27, 21v7, 2nd Chr 3v10, 10v27, 21v7 Job 4v16, Ps 73v20, 106v19 Is 40v19, 40v20, 44v9, 44v10, 44v15, 44v17, 45v20, 48v5, 48v5 Jer 10v14, 10v14, 51v17, 51v17, Eze 8v3, 8v5, Dan 2v31, 2v31, 2v34, 2v35, 3v1, 3v2, 3v3, 3v3, 3v5, 3v7, 3v10, 3v12, 3v14, 3v15, 3v18,  Hos 3v4, Nah 1v14, 1v14 Hab 2v18, 2v18

Imagery Eze 8 v 12

Image’s Dan 2:32


Gen 31v19, 31v34, 31v35, Ex 23v24, 34v13, Lev 26v30 Num 33v52 Duet 7v5, 7v5, 7v25, 12v 3 1Sa 6v5, 6v5, 6v11 2Sa 5v21 1Kings 14v9, 14v23, 2Kings 10v26, 11v18, 17v10, 17v16,17,41, 18v4, 23v14, 23v24, 2 Chr 14v3, 14v5, 23v17, 28v2, 31v1, 33v19, 33v22, 34v4, 34v4, 34v7, Ps 78v58, 97v7,  Is 10v10, 17v8, 21v9,27v9 30v22, 30v22, 41v29, 42v18, 42v17, 42v17 Jer 8v19, 43v13, 50v2, 50v38, 51v47, 51v52 Eze 6v4, 6v6, 7v20, 16v17, 21v21, 23v14, 30v13, Hos 10v1, 10v2, 11v2, 13v2,  Amos 5v26, Mic 1v17, 5v13, 5v13



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