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Robotic humans not a new idea

Some think this is heavy stuff, a person whom is a robot.  Not so There is a 90 year old movie, it is so old it is a silent movie, and has the good pure clean energy in it that Tesla demonstrated. Not the dirty energy they force us to use today so they can make us pay for power.  The tesla energy is using earths energy and is clean and would have been free.

So back to the Trans-Humanisism – Robot-Man or as they call it in the movie – Machine Man.

The movie is called Metropolis and is 1927 Silent movie.

Notice in the movie the robot is pointed to by the inverted satanic pentagram!

Heavy stuff back then so it only very light “stuff” today as the  evil today is much more sufficient as Jesus said.



A bit more about this is from Nicolson 1968

Transhumanism-The Occult Meaning of I AM


And yet another and there are many, and if we are finding out about it now in the commercial world you can rest assured the military are far more advanced.




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