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Revelation 16:13 First of 3 Frogs Now coming True


Rev 16 v 13  And I saw three unclean spirits like frogs come out of the mouth of the dragon, and out of the mouth of the beast, and out of the mouth of the false prophet.

So who is the Dragon, The Beast and the False Prophet?  What is a frog? and what is an unclean spirit?

Well we know that the False prophet is the Pope.

rome in the shape of a key

Rome in a shape of a key!

We also know that the two Beasts one is from the Land and the other from the Sea and dragon is part of the theme.  So assuming it is the same then the Dragon is the Price of Wales Dragon – The Mystery Babylon – The Great-er London


Dragon in tower of london

Dragon in the Tower of London

Then looking to the beast that come out of the Land and the Tower of Babel we come to France!


So where does the term frog come for for the french people

From Plateau Express’s word of Word:

‘frog’ for ‘French’/’Frenchman’

Ref: here

Mark Kronauer: What is the origin of the word “frog” when used as a slang term for “French” or “Frenchman”?
Terrry O’Connor: English people and French people have long been enemies, culturally, militarily and commercially. In fact the two countries have almost been at war more often than at peace. (Well, not really, but it sometimes seems that way when you browse the history books.) So insults between the two nations are common. The French have described the English as a nation of shopkeepers and the English have described the French as a nation of frog-eaters. So, boil it down over the years and “frog-eaters” becomes frogs or froggies. N’est pas?
RICHARD YOUNG: The story I heard was that this term dated from the middle ages, when the French flag had a blue background with gold fleur-de-lys on it. The ignorant English, not knowing that the fleur-de-lys was supposed to be a flower, though that it represented a gold frog. Hence “frog” became a derogatory term for the French.

We have 3 unclean Spirits – looking like Frogs –

1.What happens in the Tower of Babel in Strasburg?  The EU Lawmakers – That is why the French have 3 months now making new laws – New Unclean spirits to entrap everyone they want in the future including Christians!

2. Law comes out of London from the Harlot the Bank of England and the Prince of Wales – Military Commands!

More Dragon’s In Buckingham Palace in London

Screenshot 2015-06-24 22.51.15 dragon head Screenshot 2015-06-24 22.50.30 great hall with dragon and snakes Screenshot 2015-06-24 22.57.37 notice the dragons on the wall now painted over ! Screenshot 2015-06-24 22.50.12 dragon on wall

3. With Rome the Spiritual uncleanness


The France Bombings and shooting was pre-planned and pre staged even the death toll on the news reports told you that.  Started in Australia at 33, then went to 120 then to 153 then 200 then to 129 but might go to 153. Just look at those numbers all of them significant to the dark side!  So now we have 3 months i.e. 3 frogs again to the make New Laws to make our lives harder so they can control and punish and kill whenever they want.  Its all about the NEW WORLD ORDER.

The Frog Bridge the Blog is here


11 Foot the Number 11 is for 3Pm on the Humanistic Behaviour Model the Law of Vibration – The Gumm Rhythm.

11 is for Disorder!


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