Possible black Friday or Monday coming up this week - Revamp Your Mind Revamp Your Mind
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Possible black Friday or Monday coming up this week


Two Mathematical reasons. 1 Economic reason.

1). Virgo gets Pregnant See revelation 12;


2). USA to declare WW3 on the 26th November 2016 (a Saturday) according to Matthew Nicolson see here http://revampyourmind.com/ww3-words-verses-book-revelation/

Economic Reasons – without charts

Interest rates in the USA are increasing – Making the USD gain in value and thereby putting pressure on the Equities markets.

So if an attack of some kind or something happen when the markets are at all time highs, then the fall could be like 1987 50% in one day.  Unlike September 11 2001 the markets had been falling for a number of months and USA started to print even more money.  making the markets rise and relaxing requirements on home loans – sub prime loans which led to the 2008 crash now USA have printed trillions more and markets are at all time highs it is reasonable to expect with interest rates increase the market will react negatively on an announcement of WW3 or a terrorist attack for example….

If it does happen those holding long term PUT Options and short term PUT Options are going to be very happy. Why Options? Well under contract Law Options must be paid where as CFD contracts for example don’t have the same congressional backing.  Hence play where the smart money plays and get paid for BUY puts should the market go down.  Or only the premium is at risk so it won’t hurt much if the market does not go down.

We shall See within the next 7-8 days….

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