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The Second Beast of Revelation


The Two horned Beast Revelation 13v 11

Look at that isn’t God great Two horn beast is at numbers 13 v 11! 13 is Fibonacci number for changes  or uncertainty and 11 for disorder and judgement.

13 is expansion or contraction, we see in the Bible that the children of Israel listened to the bad report of the 8th out of the 10 spi’s that spied out the land.  Because they listened God said only two of the original 1.5 million Israelites would enter the promised land,  and therefore for them it was a contraction number not expansion number into the promised land instead they wandered in the wilderness for 40 more years, until all but 2 were over 20 years of age died.


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Here is a Film I watched as a child, I did not understand at the time wished I watched in my twenty s or early 30’s!   Is it about the beginnings of the Second Beast Family the Rothchilds.




Buy the BOOK Prepare for the Mark of the Beast which these Rothschild are going to force the First Beast to make Law so that you have to have one or no Food.












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