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First Beast of Revelation

Prince of Wales

The Bible says there are 7 Head’s of the First Beast and the 8th Head is of the seventh.

These 7 mountains are people of a “Structure or title” however they reached their mountain top but not the peak of the mountain which is the throne of England.

The seventh heads 5 have fallen, seeing as the Book of Revelation is designed for the last days it is reasonable to look for 5 dead Prince of Wales (POW) that did not reach the Throne of England.  Seeing as there are over twenty Prince of Wales, their can only be 5 that did not and that brought up to the 1960’s when Prince Charles of Wales became the 6th Head of the First beast the Prince of Wales. Whose number of title and name add up to 666 in both English and Hebrew.

Five head that are fallen are:

1.     Edward of Woodstock the Black Prince born 15th June 1330

2.    Richard of York born 21 September 1411

3.    Arthur Tudor born 20th September 1486

4.    Henry Frederick born Stuart 19th February 1594

5.    Frederick Lewis  born 1st February 1707

The 3 current Heads of the Pince of Wales are

6.   Prince Charles of Wales – The number of a man – 666 born 14th November 1948

7.   Prince William born Prince of Wales on the 21 June 1982 and had a deadly wound when 9 years old but doctors saved him with a 90 minute operation

the 8th of the Seventh is:

8. Born Prince of Wales is Prince Henry

Why is HRH Prince Harry the eight but not a Head, Because he is not First Born,  The First Beast has 7 Head which were first born – HRH Prince Harry of Wales is the second HRH Son of Prince Charles and Lady Diana and therefore HRH Prince Harry is not a Head but is from the 7 a sibling to a Head HRH Prince William.


The above are the 8 that will never be permitted to the throne of England.

But the book Woman in Heaven gives Birth will expand heavily on that,





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