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Mideast Water Crisis Brings Misery, Uncertainty
January 07, 2010 3:55 PM ET

middle east water crisis

Deborah article a little further down the post.

God is amazing he is doing the same thing he did 348 years ago in London. Back then London was made of wood Wooden Bridge wooden Churches Wooden Homes. In 1665 God causes a very dry year. The wood days out and becomes ready to burn then in 1666 or 1,666 London burns and only stops burning when a few people realise they to demolish a few homes so that the fire could not spread so easily.

Now the middle east has had a drought and a very long season of little water and the Sixth Angel in the Bible has poured out its wrath of God on the Euphrates River and Turkey has turned of the Water supply, the reporters say due to the last decade of little rain!

Now Deborah’s article which is incidentally four years old click here

Here’s one from May this year click here


Love tap water. And our water is one of the most clean in the world – I filter before I drink. This people must be boiling it before hand, if they have enough wood or power or gas to do so.

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