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Now as I begin, let me say I am not disrespecting any of the families the people or relations to the people who have been lost on the flight of MH370.

My interest is this. In mid February as previously mentioned on this site I said to a friend or two that I had worked out when the 42 months or 3.5 years finished after the “Mark of the Beast comes true in Revelation Chapter 12. I went on to say that if one day is a thousand years and a thousand years is one day, and that Daniel second half of his week in Bible prophecy is a year for a day, then the seven years is up on 6-8 March 2021.

Having said that if a year is for a day counting backwards that gives me the target of 6-8 of March 2014 and with should or will be a marker, something is going to mark that day in history. A couple of weeks after the 8th March we got together and ask each other, Okay what happened.

1. Massive earthquake in Chile – that could happen any day or time – discounted was the result

2. Crimea situation – with Russia’a agreement ended they could reclaim it as Russian ground, Ancient Pyramids found, USA offers Crimea a billion USD so they could have a look around before Russia does. – something of substance there.

3. MH370 goes missing. It just occurred to me yesterday on the 23rd of April 2014 that this MH370 was or could be like September 11th 2001. At that time 2001 I received an email showing if you use a particular font it would show a building and a aeroplane and a death pirates skull. in other words it was coded, it was telling one not to get on this/that flight.

Now I have not checked that out on this flight but what intrigued me was the call sign MH370. Why not 360. 360 degrees was easy finality 360 degree circle divided by 7 days being 1 year for a day. I mean that would have been easy but 370 what is that? I mean come Lord make it easy for me……

In my spreadsheet at the bottom of this post I divided 370/360 and a few others maths ways of dividing plus in and subtracting, I came up with 0.0277777. Move the decimal point and you have 27 for example 27 Nakshatra’s sometimes 28. The moon travels 13 degrees and 20 minutes every days and during the course of the month the moon travels through all the 27 or 28 houses “Astrology”.

Okay can handle that because it is numbers and not soothsaying. So what – well 370/360 = 1.027777. Just move the decimal point to see the number 360 is 1 the 10 = .02777 or 27. The thing to note that the decimal is removed – standard practice in Astronomy of this type cycle analysis and Astrology.

Therefore 1 complete circuit plus 10 degrees. NOW THAT IS INTERESTING. WHY

Well because I said there would be a marker and so their was 3 to be exact, but this last one gave a number one that one could see easily – everything is numbered.

Now we move on to the proof of the numbers. Also by seeing the 0.0277777 number I knew it was the Moon Cycle. Below I have laid out the cycle Analysis.

This first chart just shows you the start day and the degrees 13.33333 due to the 33333 splits the hour up into 20 minute parts i.e 3*20 is 60 minutes and or 1 Hour. On the second chart below you will see the Red and Yellow rectangles highlighting the dates of which is the cycles.

Now is something is obstructing the view just click on the chart to enlarge.

MH370 Moon cycle

Second chart

MH370 Moon cycle 2

And lastly a pdf of some numbers while I was trying to work it out.

MH370 excel


Indeed this was a marker. The measurable countdown has begun with this marker. Before this I was calculating like no one else has done on the net, google or youtube. Also I am the only one so far prove with mathematical proof and mathematical proof that no one can change! The STARS and CYCLES of the PLANETS, MOON AND SUN.

First of All I prove the date is correct being the 23-24th September 2017 and therefore 42 months in SPACETIME gives me a date of 6-8 March 2021, and the tables above prove that, I also now prove that this Marker MH 370 was based on the Luna Cycle of the Moon, and that is Indian, Chinese (in part) Astronomy and Astrology.

NOW BACK TO THE Cycle charts above.

RED Rectangle

Cycle 189 from the 8th March 2014 the starting AND the marker date, when MH370 went missing.

From let date American based 7th March 2021, 13 degrees and 20 minutes (Moon’s movement everyday) change from previous cyc 2520 rounded up degrees and Calendar days 2556.

Now that matches my little spread sheet.

Now the Yellow rectangle.

192 cycle of the Moon from the 6-8 March 2014.
17th of April 2021, 13 degrees and 20 minutes, 2560 degrees in total and 2597 Calendar days just 3 more than was looking for. Taking it back 3 days bring me to the 14th April 2021.

Now we know that if the Lord does not shorten the days Armageddon should be on or before the 14th April 2021 on the Moon cycle and or the 6-8 March 2021 on the Sun Calendar.

Now as the Lord said no man knows the time of the hour the Lord will return, all we have is probabilities, it is enough that he is coming and coming very soon. Off course all this above is just satisfying curiosity, nothing more. The Lord said a generation looks for a sign and the sign will be as in the days of Noah so shall the coming of the Son of Man be.

Now it took Noah about 100 years to build the ark, fit it with fresh water tanks, feed for the animals, feed for the Humans, bed space for the humans and so on.
The same is now really, we know it is getting closer and closer and for well over 100 years man is saying the coming of the Lord is nigh and so it is, just as in the days of Noah.

Now think about this final thought, The Two Kangaroos had to hop 10,000 Miles, the wallaby’s the platypus, the dingo’s and so on, and that is just from Australia. I do believe think this though, I reckon those Kangaroo’s were glad to see the ark when they finally got there!

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