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MH17 & MH370

Question Why did flights 17 & 370 Happen?

MH370 was planned that much is for sure. The reason I say that is because in the Recent Transformer Movie. on top of a Bus was the following. MIA 370 MIA was Missing in Action. Malaysia International Airlines Flight MH370.

That disappearance started with its take of at 11:45pm on the 8th March 2014.

I wrote a blog about it a few weeks later due to expecting something to happen a Marker.I said in mid February that something must happen between the 6-8th March 2014 if my figures were correct and they were by 15 minutes! to see that blog go here or click here

Now with MH 17 I will go through the figures first and then state why I think this happened. I have not seen to my knowledge 17 in a movie but I am looking for these clues now and what I am seeing is amazing. What is being revealed is incredible, but as the Bible says in front of the people second beast will work the signs.

Numbers MH17:

17 = 12 stars of EU + 5 Points of the Pentagram + 2 Horns of the Second Beast.

17 is a Hexagram – 1 (18-1)= 17

If you look at a Tarot Card #17 you see a Hexagram but on point is blocked out. Now we have numbers and Astrology at work here.

The Jet was a 777.  7+7+7 equals 21.  In the Fibonacci Sequence every time a number comes up a change may happen for example 13 lucky for some unlucky for others.  the sequence goes like this.  0,0+1=1,+1=2,+1=3,+2=5,+3=8,+5=13,+8=21.

As you can see 0 is God (in the single dimension), 1 is for God, 2 is for God and the Holy Spirit, 3 is for The Triune God (God, Holy Spirit and Jesus), 5 is for Grace and Satan (pentagram), 8 is for the Door- Jesus. 13 is for uncertainty, 21 is usually or whose to be keys to the Door of Life for someone growing up. 21st Birthday Party.

 21 is a change number.

7 is for Final or Fatal #7. 7 days to the week. 7 Fatal in this circumstance amplified by 2 more sevens 777.

On to what I believe the reason these two flights have been targeted.  Daniel Chapter 8 and Revelation 13:13 (there’s that #13 again – Change).

13. It performs great signs, even making fire come down from heaven to earth in front of people,  

Talking about the Second beast in front of the first beast that was allowed to stay in the presence of the second beast. in other words the second beast who is also the False Prophet has all the power, Why? Because the first beast is only worth hundreds of Millions, but the second beast is Worth Trillions.

In order for Daniel Chapter 8 to start i.e. The 2300 mornings and Evenings (days and Nights) the second beast needs to make markers if you will and incite the Kings of the East to do something.  Now he or them (2 Horns) is not stupid enough to shoot down China’s planes just yet anyway, so attack a smaller courtly of the Asia area Malaysia!

Daniel Chapter 8 will commence its kick off mid November 2014.  The last 2300 Days and Nights start Mid November 2014. I favour the 14th to 18th but gave myself a bigger range than the 3 days last time in MH370 case. Therefore I think 10th to 23rd of November it will start i believe!

Yes I know the Ending date is I calculated it out to be 7-8 of March 2021.  take 2300 days of that and hey presto you have an approximate date.  Only God knows the Final date that Jesus will come, Jesus God and Holy Spirit know the Armageddon dates.  Therefore a range is logical and I might be out by many days.

We shall see!  to read my blog about Daniel Chapter 8v14 go here   or  Click here 

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