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MH17 Ebola & Avengers Movie

Well it was easy to know that MH17 was a planned event.  I seen it on the Avengers movie pic shown below.

In this scene she says, I’ve called in a few favours from Kiev! speaking to Captain America.

Screenshot 2014-08-15 16.47.05

MH17 ДEƝΟ NO17 TOM N0:26

Glenn Thomas was on that flight and he was the Worlds Top Authority on AIDS and EBOLA Dahboo77 covers it all in the video below.

Now we know that have a number, the last 25 specifically murdered were Lawyers, Bankers, hotshot Traders, wonder how long the list is!!! Astronomers have all ready been killed off.

Revelation 18 v 24 And in her was found the blood of prophets and of saints, and of all who have been slain on earth.”

Well done Mystery Babylon (London) and the Bank of England, Harlot and the Mother of Harlots, the 1st and 2nd beasts being the Prince of Wales and Rothchilds who are also the false prophet!

You shall have your reward in less than 7 years time.

Date of post 15/08/2014

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