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Matthew Nicolson & Jipseheart

I prefer the big H for JipseHeart, cause that’s where hers is, in the big thinking scale of revealing God’s Truth as the Video Graphic Artist for Matthews revealing the code of the dark side.

There are few people in the world that have a very special dispensation and Matthew Nicolson is one of them, and JipsHeart puts in some very good polishing to his work, in fact brilliant is the work of Jipseheart.

Attached in the dropdown menu and in other places in this website is the work of Matthew & Jipseheart. Why?

Because they are revealing the numbers of the darkside, using a little of God’s word in the Heavens and therefore are prove God is Real and in control!

AND God LOVES people like these two, Just look at Daniel and his 3 people with him, greatest and wisest in the land they were, why? because they believe in God yes and also they understood God from the Heaven point of View of the Word of God!

They understood the Glory written into the Heavens!

What more can one say, except PTL their corner of the vineyard is very small, but it is a very core truth that they unveil, and therefore worth double mention.

Their Channels for you Tube are

Matthew Nicolson –

channels4_banner matthew

Jipseheart –

contoured guitars  jipseheart



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