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Matthew 24 There shall be Earthquakes

Now Jesus knew there were earthquakes all the time in the world but for him to mention Earthquakes then they are special and special as in BIG but not only Big, also in diverse places, under the SEA, in the middle of Mountains, in so much they are predictable by mathematics! And not only Mathematics by watch the Sun which is magnetically connected to the Earth!

Matthew 24 says there will be signs in the Sun Moon and stars!  That is not only Biblical Astrology and Astronomy but it is also the Sun is being used to create Coronal Mass Injections in to Space that when they are earth facing connect with the magnetics’ of the Earth and with CERN projecting a Magnetism of greater than 100,000 times stronger than the Earth, CERN can literally cause Earth magnetic defenses to fail and so by cause Earthquakes exactly how and where they want them!   Revelation 12 talks about this (the earth opened its mouth and swallowed a wave that Satan will create when he lands here sometime after 7:36AM on the 23rd of September 2017!  Others places in Revelation it talks about and Earthquake and then a Great Earthquake!

Therefore there will be some specific Videos re Earthquakes on this page from (not the scientists they are getting killed off) but rather as Jesus would do, use the lay man who had does the study and seen the pattern Analyze them and the Lord downloads what they need to move on to a higher level of understanding in what they have studied! So be like Jesus use the people he would use!  one of these there are two on this page but on of these is Separated Society

Proverbs 25 v 2 KJV It is the glory of God to conceal a thing: but the honour of kings is to search out a matter.


Prediction Earthquakes by the Sun by BPEARTHWATCH


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