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Isaiah 28 – Speaking in Tongues

This WHOLE chapter is talking about The Holy Spirit and the Sign and Gift thereof speaking in tongues. – Unpacking not finished as yet of this Great Chapter of the Bible.

Isaiah 28King James Version (KJV)

28 Woe to the crown of pride, to the drunkards of Ephraim, whose glorious beauty is a fading flower, which are on the head of the fat valleys of them that are overcome with wine!

Points here are:

  1. over come with wine – Spiritual and Natural

  2. Fat Valleys – Lots of money

  3. Their once beautiful beauty is fading

  4. so much wine they are drunk to the truth

  5. Woe to them that have pride more than the Love of the Lord God

1. We know from Scripture that being drunk is not a good thing for King’s and we are King’s and ladies are Kings in the Spirit as well, to have strong Drink.  So in Spiritual Terms – Drunk to me is over accentuating the outward manifestations of Loving God when He moves upon one.

2. Fat Valleys – there are preachers that have 5 jet Planes – others have mansions so big they have 3 lifts in them.  Joel Osteen’s church was robbed in 2014 and just the weekends tithes not including credit cards, direct credits and checks etc was 600,000.  600,000 is more than most banks hold in their vaults and it was just the weekends takings!  Now that is fat!

3. Once beauty for example lets take Hillsong, once they sang so gracefully with out it being so dark, with Green round like like Demon Eyes looking at you and laser flashy shows that show the blue light of the Tree of Knowledge is brighter than the Tree of Life of the Holy Spirit.

4. They are drunk,  here we see they go on and on about laws and legalistic views that they forget than Love is most important of all and they are so busy talking about the testimony that they can no longer walk straight in the Love God, but become crooked with judgements.

5. As you will see later in this unpacking Pride of an organisation clouds there judgement and clouds the fact that God is leading them out to have a deeper understanding with him personally than listening to vomit – like this building is in the centre of the population of the town or area.  Everywhere I have lived I have heard that and it is just pride. God don’t need a building but HE does desire that his temples love him.

Behold, the Lord hath a mighty and strong one, which as a tempest of hail and a destroying storm, as a flood of mighty waters overflowing, shall cast down to the earth with the hand.

God has his ways to destroy or reduce a church where He desires!

The crown of pride, the drunkards of Ephraim, shall be trodden under feet:

Where pride cometh Sin lies at the door, The Leaders Preacher’s Priests and so on, are so drunk with money and wine and their rubbish God will move to destroy, this does not mean straight away but could do or over time.

And the glorious beauty, which is on the head of the fat valley, shall be a fading flower, and as the hasty fruit before the summer; which when he that looketh upon it seeth, while it is yet in his hand he eateth it up.

Here we see again because people are not following God with a heart of Love, even while they plan to get bigger hasty fruit before its time, in other words not listening to the Holy Spirit, their plans will come to nothing and just become unsustainable plans why – Cause they did not ask the Lord.

In that day shall the Lord of hosts be for a crown of glory, and for a diadem of beauty, unto the residue of his people,

Now we see God’s solution to all these mislead, wolves, these that say things which really means they are judging and telling you to do, or not telling you what to do that is good in the sight of the Lord – Now we see that each individual will have the LORD of HOSTs as a crown of glory, and a A diadem is type of crown, specifically an ornamental headband worn by Eastern monarchs and others as a badge of royalty. The word derives from the Greek διάδημα diádēma, “band” or “fillet”,from διαδέω diadéō, “I bind round”, or “I fasten ref: wikki click here

So God is going to be a Crown of Glory on all those that are saved, A type of Crown of Beauty for us, the residue of HIS people.  In other words those that are not ready to come out of the drunken churches those that love money, Fat of the Valley, Although the flower is fading they cannot yet see it and so on.  BUT unto the ones that are his people and adheed to HIS calling HE is going to be with them 24/7

And for a spirit of judgment to him that sitteth in judgment, and for strength to them that turn the battle to the gate.

And this Crowning is the Holy Spirit of Discernment, and for us to turn to the battle to the gate of OUR TEMPLE HIS HOLY SPIRIT is Strength to us!  Incredibly important is the Holy Spirit to our Salvation.  Best to have it than not to have it.  When you have the Holy Spirit you will see that something that can happen no where else happens to you!

But they also have erred through wine, and through strong drink are out of the way; the priest and the prophet have erred through strong drink, they are swallowed up of wine, they are out of the way through strong drink; they err in vision, they stumble in judgment.

Here again we see most churches especially pentecostal churches who sit in Judgement rather than the Love of God.  Drunk they are! Even if they do not naturally drink alcohol.

For all tables are full of vomit and filthiness, so that there is no place clean.

Now this is interesting, we have come to a table, a Table is where you have Break and Food, and Drink Water and Wine of the Holy Spirit.  This is the verse in this chapter that makes it very plain and clear.

So we have a table of churches in the world where they preach rubbish, they gather piles of money and land their jets and have so many jets for one person they need an airport!  They bring food that is not Spiritual Food they bring, food of you must be a success, and if you have a mediocre life you have not been fulfilled by God, They tell you that, your not good enough to sing for God, You are a nobody cause you don’t have the money, you are a no body cause you are old so we put you at the back where the TV camera’s cannot see you.  We tell you things and while they are Pedophiles, molest our Children, Teach our Children to accept the Pill of the Microchip to come and much more.  I could go on and on and fill a few web pages in fine print of all the crap I have been told.  and so GOD SAYS NOT ONE CHURCH IN THE WORLD TODAY IS CLEAN – NO NOT ONE PLACE! – Now does that tell you something?  If it does then who are going to Teach the Truth to the people – Read on this is vitality important.

So the Church gives you spiritual cows milk to drink – But we are human Spiritual people so what they have on the table for you is filthiness dirty and unclean full of cows vomit.

Whom shall he teach knowledge? and whom shall he make to understand doctrine? them that are weaned from the milk, and drawn from the breasts.

  1. Draw from the beast – if Natural Human Milk – Now Spirit is Spiritual Milk and who is that Spiritual Milk – Water and Wine – The Holy Spirit who seems to have the Female characteristics of God if you will – to feed up the Spiritual Milk of all things God.  No Holy Spirit no Spiritual Milk!  – Do you want the Holy Spirit?  I hope so but God desires you to have his Sign and Gift of the Holy Ghost.

  2. Understand Doctrine – PURE WORD OF GOD

  3. Whom shall HE GOD teach Knowledge?

So God is saying Here – forget the priest and the leaders and the pastors and so on, I GOD WILL TEACH YOU FROM THE BREASTS OF THE HOLY SPIRIT!  No need to spend time in church if you don’t want to !

10 For precept must be upon precept, precept upon precept; line upon line, line upon line; here a little, and there a little:

How will the Holy Spirit Teach you – a little bit at a time, precept upon precept, matter upon matter, line upon line, then against an there a little and here a little and over time you have an Almighty amount of knowledge far more than the vomit of the pastors leaders and priest in the local churches!

But How will He teach us how will his speak to us?

11 For with stammering lips and another tongue will he (that is God the Holy Spirit) speak to this people.

When you receive the Holy Spirit / Holy Ghost YOU WILL SPEAK IN TONGUES – no speak in tongues and you don’t have the Holy Spirit the Christos the anointing of Jesus of God the Father!  IF you want GOD TO TEACH YOU the PURE word of GOD then help Him by accepting the SIGN and GIFT of the Holy Spirit and when you do YOU will Speak in Tongues.

By the way in Corinthians when it talks about the gifts the word is actually “spiritual” there is no division in GOD – You don’t get the signs without the gifts to say that you are wrongly dividing the word of God – God’s Spiritual World is ONE – On God, One Jesus the Son of God and One God the Holy Spirit – When you receive the Spiritual person of God he does not come in two parts – divided – Gifts and Signs – He is one package – The Spiritual – to not have the sign of Tongues means you DO NOT have any of the gifts of the spiritual either in you! Brethren I would not have you ignorant.

12 To whom he said, This is the rest wherewith ye may cause the weary to rest; and this is the refreshing: yet they would not hear.

  1. People will not hear – listened but will not hear!

  2. It is the refreshing

  3. Weary and tired of eating Vomit and Filth you can rest

  4. To those that do Hear and receive it is the rest, refreshing hear GOD.

13 But the word of the Lord was unto them precept upon precept, precept upon precept; line upon line, line upon line; here a little, and there a little; that they might go, and fall backward, and be broken, and snared, and taken.

The one who done hear the LORD is precept upon precept line upon line go forward and backward and be broken and snared and satan takes them!  HOW IMPORTANT IS RECEIVING THE HOLY SPIRIT and Speaking in Tongues – More important than anyone can state with words!

14 Wherefore hear the word of the Lord, ye scornful men, that rule this people which is in Jerusalem.

Therefore HEAR the WORD of the LORD – don’t be scornful but humble yourself wherever you are in whatever time you rule in.

15 Because ye have said, We have made a covenant with death, and with hell are we at agreement; when the overflowing scourge shall pass through, it shall not come unto us: for we have made lies our refuge, and under falsehood have we hid ourselves:

Vomit and Filthiness will not save them no matter how much they hide, in darkness, in their jet planes, in their fancy cars, in their brothels they visit and pay with church credit cards, in the pedophile homes and including their own home they do their wicked acts!

  1. Hid
  2. Under Falsehood
  3. refuge
  4. Lies
  5. Overflowing Scourge
  6. Agreement
  7. Hell
  8. Death
  9. Covernant
  10. Ye have said

16 Therefore thus saith the Lord God, Behold, I lay in Zion for a foundation a stone, a tried stone, a precious corner stone, a sure foundation: he that believeth shall not make haste.

Jesus is that Stone and Peter the rock also.

17 Judgment also will I lay to the line, and righteousness to the plummet: and the hail shall sweep away the refuge of lies, and the waters shall overflow the hiding place.

Nothing will stand against Jesus, God and the Holy Spirit.

  1. Hiding place
  2. waters overflow
  3. refuge of lies
  4. hail shall sweep away
  5. righteousness to the plummet
  6. Lay to the line
  7. Judgement

18 And your covenant with death shall be disannulled, and your agreement with hell shall not stand; when the overflowing scourge shall pass through, then ye shall be trodden down by it.

Warning if you don’t want the Holy Spirit to teach and lead you into truth then your covenant with death will be uncovered and you will be trodden down by it.

Better is it that you receive the Holy Spirit speak  in Tongues have the Power to overcome the evil and death

19 From the time that it goeth forth it shall take you: for morning by morning shall it pass over, by day and by night: and it shall be a vexation only to understand the report.

In Other words you don’t have the Holy Spirit – Speaking in Tonques you won’t understand¬!

20 For the bed is shorter than that a man can stretch himself on it: and the covering narrower than that he can wrap himself in it.

What ever you do without the Holy Spirit will not be enough to cover you, to protect you, you will be exposed – better is it to receive the Holy Spirit and have HIS Crown of Glory His diadem on you that be without Him the HOLY SPIRIT.

21 For the Lord shall rise up as in mount Perazim, he shall be wroth as in the valley of Gibeon, that he may do his work, his strange work; and bring to pass his act, his strange act.

  1. Strange Act
  2. His Act
  3. Bring to pass
  4. His strange work
  5. His work
  6. Valle of Gibeon
  7. Wroth
  8. Perazim
  9. Rise
  10. Lord

Be Humble receive the Holy Spirit – Speak in tonques, you don’t want him wrath with you when HE provided the way – but you would not hear!

22 Now therefore be ye not mockers, lest your bands be made strong: for I have heard from the Lord God of hosts a consumption, even determined upon the whole earth.

Bands made strong against the mockers – i.e. those that say the Holy Spirit Speaking in tongues is the following: emotional shouts, dancing, speaking gibberish, and fainting spells, jabber jawing, the ability to speak in anothers’ human language only when needed and many more.

Those that mock are on very dangerous ground indeed!

  1. Earth
  2. Determined
  3. Consumption
  4. Lord God of Hosts
  5. Heard
  6. Stong
  7. Bands
  8. Mockers

23 Give ye ear, and hear my voice; hearken, and hear my speech.

Listen to God – Receive His Holy Spirit

  1. Hear his Speech
  2. Harken to His Speech
  3. Hear His Voice
  4. Give ye ear – spend time and research consider selah

24 Doth the plowman plow all day to sow? doth he open and break the clods of his ground?

  1. Break the Clods
  2. Open the Clods
  3. Sow
  4. All day
  5. Plowman
  6. Pray all day in the Holy Spirit as often as you can break the hard ground in your heart

25 When he hath made plain the face thereof, doth he not cast abroad the fitches, and scatter the cummin, and cast in the principal wheat and the appointed barley and the rie in their place?

  1. Rie
  2. Barley
  3. Wheat
  4. Cummin
  5. Fitches
  6. Cast
  7. Face
  8. Plain

26 For his God doth instruct him to discretion, and doth teach him.

  1. Teach
  2. Discretion
  3. Instruct – Don’t need to go to church for that God does it Himself to you directly via Speaking in Tonques

27 For the fitches are not threshed with a threshing instrument, neither is a cart wheel turned about upon the cummin; but the fitches are beaten out with a staff, and the cummin with a rod.

  1. Cumming – with Rod
  2. Fitches – with Staff
  3. No wheel turned on cumming
  4. Fitches not threshed with instrument – made straight with the Staff of God – The Holy Spirit

28 Bread corn is bruised; because he will not ever be threshing it, nor break it with the wheel of his cart, nor bruise it with his horsemen.

  1. Horsemen
  2. Bruise it
  3. Not break it

29 This also cometh forth from the Lord of hosts, which is wonderful in counsel, and excellent in working.

  1. Excellent in working
  2. wonderful in counsel
  3. Lord of Hosts
  4. Cometh

See God designed that you would have the Holy Spirit for a reason- He knows best so ask him for it and He will give it to you and you will know because you will speak in languages that you don’t understand but others may and will when need to…


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