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Ezekiel Chapter 1

Ezekiel’s visions of the throne of God was a wheel within a wheel or wheels within wheels. How would this apply to investing?

16 As to the appearance of the wheels and their construction: in appearance they gleamed like chrysolite; and the four were formed alike, and their construction work was as it were a wheel within a wheel.

Wheels within a Wheel,  or taken further out wheels within wheels.

Among many things this vision is talking about, one or two of them can be related back to the markets business cycles etc., the first one is:
Wheel within wheel or Cycle within Cycle.

Bradley Cowan in his books explains the Solar System unfolds as in a pentagram within a pentagram (and their construction work was as it were a wheel within a wheel)

For example the Moon’s number is 18 or (6+6+6) however Jupiter whom Virgo will give Birth to on the 23/09/2017 has a cycle of going round the sun in 13 constellations of 671 weeks, and therefore it is very close to 666 weeks and therefore is used as the Major 666 clock.

In reference to the Pentagram within a pentagram the smaller pentagram points can measure 36 degrees while the larger pentagram can measure the 72 degrees in TIME and SPACE “SPACETIME”.  Every second point is 144 degrees apart.  This is an incredible tool that was given to us in Genesis 1 v 14.  Sign Tokens and Days and Years.

Below a Pentagram within a Pentagram or Wheel within a wheel.  Without getting into Religious negativity into the pentagram let me just say that God meant it for good and to be a help for us.  Its the opposition who wants to use for any reason other than good.    

figure7.3 (2)

Movie showing planets Plays for Six minutes

Wheels within Wheels Planets & Asteroid belts rotating within the rotation of Bigger Planets and larger Asteroid Belts.

The rotations are from almost perfect circle but the most common form of rotation is in the shape of an Oval or elliptical orbits.

God did all that for a Reason!

However bring it down to a smaller picture, Our solar system!

Our Solar system for example controls our gravity, our weather pattern our tides for example,  the moon alone is evidence of this.

The Elliptical cycles of the planets as viewed from the SUN against the back drop of the Stars, provide for us a massive clock AND when measuring this Clock in frequencies it become evident that this is a musical Clock if you will.

Jesus said in GOD’S WORD® Translation (©1995)
Jesus replied, “I can guarantee that if they are quiet, the stones will cry out.”

The Heaven’s or the rotation of the Heavens when measured as a frequency are Musical.  As we shall see later, there is Music in the markets as Music is just numbers in time.

A musician friend said to me “when speaking of his Guitar” he sees it as a grid, What do we see above and on the videos “Grids”  All the planets, asteroid belts, comets, black holes, dust & gas clouds positioned all moving within the Frequency it was designed.

Relating this back to the Markets

The Markets whether they be Stock, Futures, Commodities or Currencies all resonate a frequency.  They all have Cycles within Cycles.

The cycles within the cycles are numbers and numbers in time.

When one views and goes back and examines and matches the market moves, to the cycles and the Synodic cycles (view from the SUN), of the planets, one can find that the cycles and market moves closely resemble mathematical musical frequencies say of G Major of g Minor or whatever they are.  This is probably why musicians can time the market well i.e.  it is simply playing them a tune.

It is possible to project these cycles hours, days, weeks, months, years and decades etc into the future.

This is because the musical clock in our solar system does not change but rather indicates to us when a cycle is about to change.  Say from UP to Down.

By using this knowledge one has a distinct advance over the majority that do not.

Possible trade will increase to over 90 success rate – the average broker and trader is a mere 60% – Not worth backing your hard earned God given money or wealth on!  To be a good steward of your wealth is to know the Wheels within Wheels or Cycles within Cycles that God has put there for us to use.

Global Positioning System

The author of the website has thought over many years that this was a type of global positioning system when thought of as an Orb of Planet Earth.

For Example, when you have an wooden old orb of Planet Earth you have the earth hanging as it were from the top of frame and the curved frame (usually wooden) holding the bottom of the earth Orb. The frame is always at an angle to show the AXIS of the earth. When this frame is extended around the whole orb you have latitude. When you add another frame on an horizontal basis you now have longitude. Hence if the two frames moving you have a very precise global positioning system.

What has this to do with Ezekiel Chapter one.  Gann was able to realised that what was being described what a Position system when related to Earth and everything in the universe. And a Second and just as importantly a wheel within a wheel is also a cycle within a cycle or cycles. A time frame within another timeframe and in relation to price, a price achieved within the building to a greater or lesser price depending on the trending.

Fibonacci Spirals – Wheels within Wheels – Spirals within Spirals

He may have also realised that the Fibonacci Sequence is a Spiral and the Spiral leads to oneness in eternity and out to eternity.  Here is a exceptionally good video explaining spirals or as Ezekiel saw it wheels within wheels spirals within and on top of spirals by Charles Gilchrist.

In relation to investing God’s way, GOD has given us a longitude and latitude positioning system. He has given us timeframes within timeframes and the mathematics to work out a price and then using that to calculate precisely a greater or lesser price depending on the trend.

Gann worked out that the Latitude was Price from $0.00 to whatever price the security gets too and, Longitude is Time. Time is the unit of time, under what you are studying or working with, be it seconds, minutes, hours, days, weeks, months, years or centuries and so on.

These are Critical Tools, God has provided for the astute investor and trader.  The ability to Measure Time and Price, Space and Volume, and therefore Cycles.

In Fact these tools is critical in achieving an higher investment performance percentage.

Gann developed his Square of 4, Square of 9 and he called his master calculator his wheel of 24 he also made the hexagon to illustrate that the stocks may move differently than what you may be expecting.

He called the master chart the (Wheel of 24) due to there being 24 hours in a day. So it is possible to use the tool on a intraday basis.

Below are computer screen shots of the tools that Gann used by hand.

We will start with the Master Wheel of 24 first. By clicking on the chart you can enlarge it for a better view.

As you can see around the edge each day of the year is there giving us longitude and the price is in the middle of the circle given us Latitude. Therefore Time and Price by Degrees.

Square of Nine:

Square of Four:

Hexagon Chart:


This next video, I watch with the sound down because I do not understand what they are singing, except for a couple of praise words,  This is a great video, especially the end where the Male figure is drawn then female impregnation and then into the cube within a cube.  at the beginning with all the circles and then triangles is also brilliant, but the end relates to Bradley Cowan’s Book’s and ow he describes the time aspect of square within a square extra ta  and how the markets are building that, and as the lines are drawn both up and down and sideways and relate that to the markets, it explains up trends, sideways for time, and down trend for crashes, marvellous just simply marvellous as the markets MUST repeat MUST conform to these mathematical principles and understanding helps one to be a better trader.

Go to Planets and Stars to learn more of what God has Provided for one to invest with Better Timing. Click on the link below.


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