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What could happen if you don’t invest God’s Way?, i.e.

If I ignore the Law of Vibration & Harmony.

You can get very sick indeed, You could lose everything.

So why does this Happen?, Your risk manangement maybe correct, your position sizing may correct, the direction may change from down to up and you may have that correct, In fact the biggest Market Analyst company in the world got that wrong, one would think they would know right? Wrong! As an investor listening / following to an company advising advisers, and they got it wrong which they have now admitted, but not until the market had gone a long way against their thought process. You follow that you you would lose.

You may have the overall trend correct but the daily trend may be incorrect and wipe you out or stop loss you almost every day!

Gann said it right – Learn before you lose – Don’t follow others tips, Jesse Livermore (famous investers) said, everybody want tips, he called them tipsters, he went on to say in his book Reminiscences Of A Stock Operator – “Even brokers want tips” – These days these tipsters are selling subcriptions. All selling usbcriptions as they recognise that a passive monthly income is more guaranteed income than their trading! Generally they do not trade themselves as they are busy selling Subcriptions or have employees doing it for them.

Therefore don’t follow them rather – learn before you lose, or have a broker do it for you but you learn enough to know if the broker is correct, before they lose you money.

They donot understand the cycles well enough and that God is not in a rush. They do not know how to calculate the next move on the market using futures charts to within 100% accuracy (within the data providers Data Resolution) let alone the overall trend. If broker cannot do that, then steer clear of them.

When Humans invest and trade expecially on the stock market they want it to go their way and they want it now, especially when actively trading.

God does not work like that. He works in cycles and his timing is 100% perfect. He understands it takes time to do things. He works in Cycles and he, as we have seen has added musicial cycles to his work. He likes to listen to a joyful noise as the bible says, so he made laws in order for all of his creation to be in vibrational harmony. Only Human’s have the ability to choose not too.

You can trade profitably from day one, That is not impossible and it is so much easier if you understand God’s law of Vibration & Harmony.

Investing without Knowlegde is dangerous, one can have knowledge and still not have enough knowledge or the right knowledge. In Proverbs we read “with all our getting get knowledge but with getting knowledge get wisdom” and get understanding.

When trading on the Stock Market Wisdom knowledge and patients (understanding) is everything. Being Patient is criticial. You must wait. God puts it like this – “Peace be still” Criticial on the stockmarket. One of the best things to do is wait. Why?

There are Cycles within Cycles or Elliott waves withing Elliott waves. Invest to early or two late and it can either cost you much or lose you a lot or, reduce your profits at best. It may cost you a lot of time even years. The market may not be where you think it is. Wait and let it show you.

Gann says learn before you lose and if you don’t want to learn how to trade, have an adviser / trader trade for you. However you have to control your adviser, remember the talent parable, don’t fear to trade, but don’t fear your adviser, test his knowledge and do not think he or she must know, because most of them don’t.

There was a report although I have not found it, but if you Google search “95% of traders lose money consistently”, you will find numerous quotes of this report.

The fact is many advisers (the Majority) do not take the time to study the Natural Law of Vibration & Harmony that God has set up, and therefore they lose money consistently.

When Jack Schwager asked Market Wizard Ed Seykota what advice he would give the average trader, Seykota reponse was instructve. Give your money to a superior trader, Seykota advised, and find somthing that you are truly good at. When Schwager asked how the average trader could transform himself, Seykota responded that average traders do not transform themselvers – only superior traders do that.

It is logicial that you need to do a lot of study and continuous study to know how to invest with precision timing, in order for you to WIN and not lose. with precision timing depending on how you trade be it daily weekly or minute charts, if you can get it down to a 4 minute window you are exceptional. If you can get it down to a day you are still exceptional. Most brokers cannot do that.

Gann said, the object if you will is to get in and out over time, closer to the highs and the lows, of the trends.

If you trade without the knowledge YOU WILL LOSE, maybe not striaght away but you will lose eventually, unless you are extremly lucky!

So don’t be like the persons in the above situations do what Gann Says – Learn before you lose!

If you do learn first then from the moment you trade you will begin to make profits subject to having your psychology right as well.

It comes down to what God said, get Knowledge, get Wisdom and with all your getting get Understanding.

Understand the Law of Vibration & Harmony.

Don’t think it is an easy ride, it is not, it is hard work with long hours, but it is rewarding once you start getting it right, and when you are consistenty right it is very rewarding. God’s Multiplication works!

Should you wish to invest have Barry as your Adviser or Trader, goto click “I wish to invest Gods Way” on the link below and follow the links from there.

Thank you for reading “investing God’s Way, I hope you have enjoyed it.

Barry Gumm

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