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W.D. Gann – William Delbert Gann Born on June 6th 1878 in Texas, grew up to be a devote Christian and a Mathematician.

Gann Grew up and began to work in a brokers firm near his home. Later in 1908 approximately, he moved to New York and worked on the floor of the New York Stock Exchange.

At first Gann did not make much money, but by 1908 after extensively studying the bible, Gann had worked a few things out, which we will go into as you move through the webpages.

In 1908 Gann traded 286 trades over a period of 25 market days of which 264 were profitable (92%). He did all this trades in the presence of a Mr. William Giley, a respected inspector (auditor if you will). During this month he multiplied his margin by 1,000% that’s right, One Thousand Percent in a month. This is well documented.

God had shown Gann the numbers in the bible and Gann figured out how to apply them to the Stock and Commodities Markets.

Note that Gann had multipled his Margin by 1,000%, in other words he was using Capital and Borrowed money (Money on Margin) to make his profits. This is important point God is not against borrowing but his has quite a lot of advice about it, to keep a Believer safe.

So Gann found out the numbers that worked in he Market. Gann did the searching and to his Honour found out what God had Concealed. To God’s Glory he concealed it, to Gann’s honour he searched it out.

Gann over the his 50 years in the Markets spent in US dollars $300,000 in research that’s in 1900 to 1950’s Dollars. That’s when $300k could buy you a lot houses not just a basic one! He reportedly pulled $50,000,000 (Fifty Million (USD)) out of the markets for himself and his clients over the 50 years. He lost his fortunes a few times, but always come back stronger and more people trusted him. He worked hard and he studied hard. If fact he worked incredibly hard. Notice he lost his fortunes a few times, unlike the servant from the Talent Parable, Gann did not fear, when he lost, instead he worked harder and tried again and WON.

He studied in a Library Day and night for 6 months in New York without stopping. He went to India, Eypgt and the London Museum. He went back 1000 years in Wheat and Cotton Trading and anything he could find on trading. He Charted it all by hand.

He studied the clay Tablets from the City of Ur.

He did what it took to learn what God was saying, how to Profit and to Gann’s Honour he did it incredibly well, without the help of computers.

He was the first trader to have a airoplane modified, so he could inspect the wheat, corn and cotton crops in America. He had the plane specially modified for him to do the inspections. It also had extra fuel tanks and viewing floors (see through floor). The plane had a range of 700 miles even with the extra fuel tanks!

Gann eventually sold some courses in his later years, not for the money (he did not need the money) but to let others know (if they were interested) what he had discovered.

He did not leave a step by step process that is left for those who would take the time to learn & put in the study to build, However what Gann did do for us, is short cut the process by many years and saved us (for those who are willing to find what God has conceal) from lots of loses.

He saved us from years of frustration and hurt. Gann was one incrediable person and anything mentioned on this website in relation to investing goes in Honour of His work and the Glory of God to conceal it and reveal it to those who seek, ask and Knock.

That is what Gann Discovered in a Nutshell the Law of Vibration and Harmony.

Jesus had mentioned it 2000 years earlier in the scripture Ask, Seek, Knock. Jesus was saying get your self in harmony and make vibrations ((pray (ask), seek (research) & actions (knock) (do without fear)).

Gann realised that everything has a number and that in time (as in dates) (numbers) are pressure points of resistance and support, in both time and price.

If one wants to invest and have the timing down to a few minutes in time then one must learn the Law of Vibration and Harmony as applied to the Markets and Nature (God’s Creation) in general.

If you know the law you can live and invest by it profitably. If you don’t know the law then you (in relation to investing) will lose and in the stock markets lose big time.

The Law of Vibration and Harmony will cut you to pieces and your Bank & Trading account as well. First your account balances, then the fear jumps in & the emotions & cuts you down.

To invest profitably, to practice christian investing is to invest according to the Natural Laws that God has created for his creation benefit. It so much more that good morals & values.

If you really don’t have the time to know how to time investments you can and will many have losses more than just the money. Lose the money cars. boats, other investments, houses and a lot more than that as well. Loss your confidence and self esteem, self worth and much more.

Gann Found out the Truth, God revealed it to him, as he asked, seeked and knocked, (he invested according to the law of Harmony and vibration) and lived well.

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Read on to find out more about Gods Law of Vibration and Harmony (Ask, Seek, Knock Jesus made it simple) and how it applies to the stockmarkets. Got to the Drop down menu Choos from a subject below”.

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