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Ecclesiastes 1v:9,10,11

9, The thing that has been, it is what will be again, and that which has been done is that which will be done again; and there is nothing new under the sun.

10 Is there a thing of which it may be said, See, this is new? It has already been, in the vast ages of time [recorded or unrecorded] which were before us.

11. There is no remembrance of former happenings or men, neither will there be any remembrance of happenings of generations that are to come by those who are to come after them.

The 5 Major Forces according to Boyd Bushman

  1. The Strong Force (Atomic Binding – Gluons)

  2. Electromagnetism (Light – Photons)

  3. The Weak Force (W & Z Bosons)

  4. Gravity (Bravitons)

  5. Magnetism (Magnetic Force)

From a Christian Heaven and Earth Everything view, they missed two out.

6. Love

7. God the Trinity, which is “God the Father, Jesus the God, God the Holy Spirit.    (however since God took Enoch the Trinity has become and is being become a Quad-inity or as in sound Quadraphonic.  The Community of God  Four Parts, which are   “God the Father, Jesus the God, God the Holy Spirit. Jesus Blood Washed Community of THE Saints of God! or if you will “God the Washed”!

There is a thought to be an eighth Force says Boyd Bushman.  But he is not including the two I have.

AND when This Heaven and Earth is passed away, God will spew it (the tainted) out of his mouth, see book of Revelation and he will purge himself of the last 15,000 years it will be by that time.  And then it will be God the Purged as well to add to his titles if he wishes.

Wheel within a wheel

Ezekiel 1 sees a vision, which I believe was a Vision of the Solar System and he described it (remember he seen things that we have not yet seen) as a wheel within a wheel.


Bradley Cowans says the Solar System unfolds in a pentagram.  a pentagram (Slow Large Pentagram) for the Large Slow moving Planets and within this is a pentagram a much smaller pentagram to measure the fast moving planets.  There is Ezekiel’s Wheel within a Wheel.


The pentagram has 5 points each point is 72 degrees, each second point is 144 degrees apart.  And hence  being 144 makes it a incredible measuring tool.


The Hexagram if there are 12 planets is also useful to measure time in Degrees even if there is 10 planets as it is the degrees that are important.  Measuring time in degrees is better than any man made calendar! Period!

thumb_COLOURBOX12098093On the Hexagram each of the 6 spokes if you will are 60 degrees apart.  Match that up with a larger Hexagram for Long term Future or History with a slow moving planet and then a smaller Hexagram being also 60 degrees but offset within the larger one and you have 12 times 30 degrees the 12 constellations and measurement just got more precise than most people have thought possible and what you have used is Ezekiel 1 and Genesis 1 v 14-19

Ralph Elliott was an Corporate accountant and a Christian.

In his later years after being struck with an illness, and could not work much.

He turned his attention to the Markets and discovered that the Markets and human actions in general in the market, leave a certain trail or patterns if you like.

Human nature does not change, nor does its Pattens over time. As humans repeat the actions time and time again as there is no remembrance V 11, nothing changes.

The best place to see the patters are in the Stock and Commodities Markets.

In the 1930’s Ralph Nelson Elliott discovered that Stock Market prices trend and reverse in recognizable patterns. The patterns he discerned are repetitive in form, but not necessarily in time or amplitude. Elliott isolated thirteen such patterns, or “waves” that recur in market price data. He named, defined and illustrated the patterns. He then described how they link to together to form larger versions of themselves, how they in turn link to form the same patterns at the next larger size, and so on, producing a structured progression. He called this phenomenon The Elliott Wave Principle.

These patterns are best as the price action is recorded accurately over centuries and particularly for the last 200 years with the New York Stock Exchange.

Under the Wave Principle, every market decision is both produced by meaningful information and produces meaningful information. Each transaction, while at once an effect, enter the fabric of the market and, by communicating transactional data to investors, joins the chain of causes of others behaviour. This feedback loop is governed by man’s social nature, and since he has such a nature, the process generates forms or patterns. As the forms are repetitive, they have some predictive value sometimes.

The path of prices are not a product of news. Nor is the market the cyclically rhythmic machine. Its movement reflects a repetition of forms that is independent both of presumed causal events and of periodicity.

The markets progression unfolds in waves according to the Wave Principle. Waves are patterns of direction movement. (patterns of four dimensions) (4 Dimensional) more specifically, a wave is any one of the patterns that naturally occur. Therefore if a crystal solid of some description forms at 60 degree angles that the market is tracing out / following the form of the solid then the degree of the angles on the 2 Dimensional chart will be 60 degrees, until that form has completed and a new form must be traced out mathematically.

Elliott discovered that the patterns form when stocks Grow (increase in value) in a 5,3,5 pattern and declining what he called an A,B,C pattern.

This pattern is now called the Wave Principle. 5 waves up followed by 3 waves down (ABC correction) followed by 5 waves up.

In Bear markets this is reversed.

However this is incorrect and I prove it so in my book with mathematical proof.

Elliott’s Discovery was ground breaking.

Elliott could work out where the stock or market was and pinpoint almost the right time to go long or short in a position but he needed to use indicators (indicating he had missed something).

As I have proven in my book Cornerstone Trading (Tri-Rhythms) part one of the HOLY GRAIL of Trading Targeting Accuracy – Increase your accuracy to over 99%.

And therefore wave theory or principle was incorrect because of the need to use indicators wave theory can not be mathematically proven discovery consistently!

Something very big was missed indeed.

I used to recommend Prechter and Frost Elliott Wave Principle book, however since I have now proven that it is incorrect I do not recommend you buy that book.

Instead you should buy my book titled No:1 Market Top Secret – Increase your Targeting Accuracy to over 95%  Actually when I apply the principles I am ususlaly 99.???? (fourth Decimal) to 100%  Correct and it is very easy.   And available here

Why buy my book instead of Wave Principle book? The Answer is simple I mathematically prove it wave theory as illustrated in the Wave Principle book of the aforementioned incorrect. Wave Theory discovered patterns but has not discovered the mathematical proofs. Bradley Cowan did that with his PTV (Price Time Vector) and I have done that with Cornerstone Targeting. Bradley Cowan focuses on time and price I focussed on Price only and I discovered a very simple mathematical principal that to me is the biggest discovery in the history of the stock markets and for the wheat market 1,000 years!.

Gann focused on Time as well with his Square of Nine Chart, This also missed 3 Numbers, one less than Elliott.  But Gann knew the correct amount of numbers and he wrote it into his logo and when you refer it back to the Pyramid there are the correct numbers

Between Gann and the Author of this website is in the opinion that a knowledge of both is critical and that Gann’s discoveries of Timing (Numbers) was and is absolute. However I prove in my book if you can work out the precise target timing is not so critical anyway. unless all you want to do is work!

ALSO if the market reaches the target TIME IS UP and will reverse. Getting the precise target right gets the precise timing right by default saving me at least not to think like an Einstein!

As we have see above The markets move in a Structured Progression. But this begs the question WHOSE Structured Progression. I believe it is the Mathematical Law of Vibration & Harmony.

Therefore the rest of these writings will be focused more of W.D. Gann’s,  Bradley Cowans, My own and some of Olga Morales work and how they applied God’s numbers to the Markets.

I may put in some of my input as it is mathematically proven to be better than Wave Principle. Not taking anything away from Mr Elliott, his discovery was amazing it is just sad he did not get it 100% correct, it would have saved a lot of people a lot of grief that is for sure, others of remarkable market knowledge may be referenced as well.

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