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Planets move in cycles.  The planets also move at diffent speeds.

Bradley Cowan from goes into this in great detail, I recommend you buy his books before you begin trading or investing. In the book Four dimensional Stock Market Structures and Cycles, you will find the following information but in much greater details & explanation. In Fact, I call Mr Cowan books the Stock Market Bibles, They are just brillant & you will not find better information about the Stockmarket than in Mr. Cowan’s books.

However cycles in the Stockmarket are criticial one must know or be aware of the cycles. 

The planets are basicially a clock of cycles (and can be very important cycles when investing or trading).

The Planets speeds and Cycles are precise, this gives us a relabile clock in the heavens. The planets give us cycles and on a smaller time frame as in 1 year time frame the four Seasons. Being Summer Autmn, Spring & Winter

You can quickly see that God Values cycles. As shown above a 40 years cycle was respected by him, in making the children of Isreal wonder 40 years in the desert.

One could spend a lot of time on this Subject alone suffice to say that knowing planet cycles helps in being a better trader & investor.

Click on the link below – Musicial Cycles & Vibration

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