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The Planets and Music have Cycles. As mentioned before one just needs to match them up.

The above is just a brief sample of Gods Planet cycles and Musical note frequency cycles matching. So God put a musical clock if you will in the heavens. How Good is he!

Below is a Fibonacci time clock. It is a great illustration of what is happening. Notice the Galaxies have the same expansion pattern! This is why cycles when they come back round are very similar but not exact.

There are many more examples, and Just one more Jesus mentioned the Law of Vibration when he said “Ask, Seek, Knock” Jesus understood that if you want something you need to make vibrations, You need to Ask for it, Seek out the knowledge of it (what it is) and you need to work towards it, (Create Vibrations).

The author of this website believes Knowledge the cycles and applying them to investing or trading is critical to profits and successful investing until he realized a simple mathematical truth which is explained in the book “Cornerstone Targeting, (Tri-Rythyms) part one of the HOLY GRAIL of Trading Targeting Accuracy – Increase your accuracy to over 95%. The method explained in this book is simple, simple to understand follow and apply.

It is available via clicking on the Book Cover below which will take you to the cornerstone targeting website.

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