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Olga Morales

Olga Morales is the founder of Astrology for Gann Traders.

She is a Professional Astrologer, Author, Educator and Gann Trader.

Most people think of Astrology as the soothsayers (so called predictors) however it is much much more than that. To me Astrology is TimeSpace mathematics. If you do not think this science is important to making money on the markets you are incorrect. The biggest banks like JP Morgan for example employ an Professional Astrologer to advise them of market expectations. By knowing Astrology and Astronomy you can predict to the very cent or point a stock or index it going to.

In my books (09/24/2017 and Cornerstone Targeting Holy Grail of Trading Targeting Accuracy) I explain Astrology in relation to in the markets and market turns. I Also explain that Astrology is actually in the Bible (not the soothsayers) but rather the science of Astrology – TimeSpace.

I have inserted this page about Olga as I believe she is a the forefront of this science for traders.

I have found and now publishing my book “Cornerstone Targeting HOLY GRAIL of Trading Targeting Accuracy – Increase your Accuracy to over 95%” that one does not need all this, by just a simple calculation I can get it right 99.++++% (fourth decimal point).

If your accuracy is not up and over 95% then you need to buy my book. If you do not want to do that then you will need to learn this science as well as all the other things to help you make money on the markets. My book makes targeting easy!

After obtaining a BA in Psychology from Melbourne University, she received a professional certificate from the Australian Academy of Astrology and Cosmobiology in 1993 and later, in 2003, an advanced certificate in Cosmobiology from the Regulus Ebertin School of Astrology with a High Distinction.

Since 1999, Olga has been consulting private clients, writing articles, teaching personal astrology to local private groups and lecturing for the VAA (2005-2013) FAA (2012) UAC (2012) and ATAA (2010 – 2012).

Her focus changed somewhat in 2005, when a small group of traders contacted her wanting to learn astrology so they could decipher the cycles encoded within W.D. Gann’s novel “The Tunnel Thru the Air.”
Once she started seeing the underlying planetary patterns, Olga initiated an intensive study of Stock Market and Commodity cycles using W.D.Gann’s trading methodologies and now trades empowered using this knowledge.

Gann said TIME is the most important element for successful Trading. Astrology is all about timing events based on planetary cycles,” the future is but a repetition of the past”, to quote Gann.

Her mission is to teach what W.D. Gann called the “greatest science”, that is Astrology, to those who are ready and willing.

Past students have varied from the everyday Mum and Dad investor, Doctors, Professional Traders, Gann enthusiasts, Intraday Traders, Stock Brokers, Stock Analysts and even Fund Managers.

Gain the insights for yourself with ease and confidence.

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