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Music and Sound frequencies go in a cycles and the sounds or notes create Vibrations.

The Planet Earth and the Universe are vibrational. For example when a bird or some other creature emits a sound (a Vibration) the note(s) (sounds) are heard by potential mate(s) and two are attracted to each other. Basic Example I know, but lets keep it simple as possible.

Music Frequencies operate in cycles or oscillations as they move or sound within their range.

for example you may have
Fundamental Tone
1:1 = the note of “C”

Octave = 1:2

Fifth = 2:3

Fourth = 3:4

Major Third = 4:5

Minor Third = 5:6

When the fundamental tone of a given interval is taken an Octave Higher, the interval is said to be inverted. Therefore a fourth is an inverted fifth, a minor Sixth inverted to a Major Third, and a major Sixth invested to a minor Third. The corresponding ratios of the pitch numbers are consequently obtained by doubling the smaller number in the original interval.


2:3 the Fifth we have 3:4 the Fourth

4:5 the Major Third we have 5:8 the minor Sixth

5:6 the minor Third 6:10 = 3:5 the major Sixth.

These Frequencies or intervals are also mirrored by the planet cycles. One has just to put them together to realise that God has created if you will a “Musical Clock” in the heavens which we can use to help us in all aspects of our lives including investing.

You cannot hear it, but its there in planet intervals (cycles) , all you need to do is just match up the cycles.

Sympathetic Resonance

By matching up the Sympathetic Resonance of Strings for example and with the planet cycles to these you obtain the Keys that the planets are vibrating in.

Bradley Cowan in his Books explains this in great detail, however due to copyright you will need to buy his books should you wish to know more.

Below is a video by Kate Wray, of Lifhouse Church titled Creations Sings, hope you enjoy it.

In this video you will see a picture of the Universe that is still be mapped. What you are looking at is 43,000 Galaxies, Yes 43,000 Galaxies according to scientists.

I have proven what Mr Cowan says in my book Cornerstone Targeting (Tri-Rhythms) part one of the HOLY GRAIL of Trading Targeting Accuracy – increase your Accuracy to over 99% goto to purchase your copy of the book or DVD’s

Now back to 43,000 Galaxies lets have a look at the number 43,000, assuming that is the correct count….

Number 43000 is pronounced forty three thousand zero. Number 43000 is a composite number. Factors of 43000 are 2 * 2 * 2 * 5 * 5 * 5 * 43. Number 43000 has 32 divisors: 1, 2, 4, 5, 8, 10, 20, 25, 40, 43, 50, 86, 100, 125, 172, 200, 215, 250, 344, 430, 500, 860, 1000, 1075, 1720, 2150, 4300, 5375, 8600, 10750, 21500, 43000. Sum of the divisors is 102960. Number 43000 is not a Fibonacci number. It is not a Bell number. Number 43000 is not a Catalan number. Number 43000 is not a regular number (Hamming number). It is a not factorial of any number. Number 43000 is an abundant number and therefore is not a perfect number. Binary numeral for number 43000 is 1010011111111000. Octal numeral is 123770. Duodecimal value is 20a74. Hexadecimal representation is a7f8. Square of the number 43000 is 1849000000. Square root of the number 43000 is 207.36441353328. Natural logarithm of 43000 is 10.668955394676 Decimal logarithm of the number 43000 is 4.6334684555796 Sine of 43000 is -0.85281395456664. Cosine of the number 43000 is -0.52221485893874. Tangent of the number 43000 is 1.6330710242519

Not much is adding up so I doubt 43,000 is correct number, still time will tell.

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