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In Ecclesiastes 1:10 we read,

Is there any thing wherof it may be said, See this is new? it hath been already of old time, which was before us.

God works with Cycles.

There are many cycles for example the planets go round the Sun and each Revolution is a cycle. Before we look at the planets we will take a look at some other cycles mentioned in the bible.

For example there was a 50 year cycle. The year of Jubilee was to be celebrated every 50 years. (50 yr Cycle).

Each Year the passover was to be remembered and this is a yearly cycle.

Each day the children of Isreal were not to store the food they collected for the next day that they gathered when wandering in the wilderness. This is a daily cycle.

Each year has 365.25 days. Each week has seven days. God worked 6 days and rested. Each day as 24 hours.

Each hour has 60 minutes and 60 minutes divided by 4 is 15 (or 4 quaters) or 45 degrees.

That is why charts should be set (when day trading to 4 minutes). However a lot of companies don’t provide 4 minute charts. Market Anaylst does.

Yet 4 minute charts fall inline with the Natural Law of Vibration that God set up.

So you see there are many cycles at work at any one time. Below are a list of them that Gann took note off they are:

Great Time Cycles

120, 100, 90, 82 to 84, 60, 50 49, 45, 30 and 20 year time cycles.

Minor Time Cycles

15, 13,10,7,5,3,and 1 year cycles

Odd time cycles being

13 and 9 year cycles

Fibonacci Sequence – The markets go on and on about Fibonacci Sequence yet there are better numbers to use as not everything is a spiral or a circle.  Having said that here is a very good video explaining Pi Phi by Charles Gilchrist.

There are also Seasonal cycles particularly if one is trading soft commodities like Wheat and Cotton.

Back to the Fibonacci Sequence. Noah’s Ark

It is very interesting to me that Noah’s ark actually complies with the Fibonacci Sequence. Video below.

Before trading Gann says it is critical to see where the stock or commodity is in relation to cycles.

Its now time to have a look at Angles that measure time and price. Click on he link below to goto Gann Angles for the next part of “Investing God’s Way”


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