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If you wish to invest according to God’s Way i.e by using the laws and the law of numbers he has created, the Way that WD Gann discovered the way that Bradley Cowan has improved on those methods and the way that BARRY GUMM has simplified it down to just a couple of simple calculations to achieve over 99% targeting accuracy. http://cornerstonetargeting.com/

You will find it very hard to find a broker to do so for you. You see most have not done the Study.

Revamp your mind is not liable for any advice received or any of its Representatives.

unfortunately Barry Gumm does not trade for others at this point in time and any advice provided is of a general nature and is limited to this website or social media sites and any books that may be produced in the future.

If you wish to know timing the markets we suggest you BUY Everything that Bradley Cowan has for sale you go here www.cycle-trader.com and study a lot. We do not recommend any others as Barry has tried most and all have come up wanting.

Bradley Cowan is the only one that substantiates his research by numbers after all that I have found so far apart from my self- If you cannot put numbers your knowledge in your chosen field the your knowledge is meagre and unsatisfactory. (writers name To be added). Bradley Cowan is the only person I know who can do this.

BUY my book Cornerstone Targeting (TriRhythms) part one of the HOLY GRAIL of Trading Targeting Accuracy – Increase your Accuracy to over 99% goto

Buy Book http://cornerstonetargeting.com/ Buy BOOK and DVD’s

If you want to see a little old video about targeting that I produced when I was still learning yet still achieving 97.5% accuracy in 2011, see the video below.
Eminance is an old Financial Service company I used to have and is now shut down but the video for the most part is relevant what’s your brokers accuracy rate months weeks in advance?

*past investment performance is not a reliable indicator of future performance.

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