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The Code

This BBC TV program The Code is about mathematics of the universe and the Financial Markets MUST comply with this law.

The Law of the Crowd is okay to follow in the markets but one must listen to the mathematics of the Universe to understand before hand when the small Big Players have been reversing positions and then when they are ready they have left and the crowd gets pinched by the law authorities and their money is lost before they even knew the small amount of Big Players had already thieved them of there money months before!

I have put the Code video’s here for those who are just starting trading there are some amazing facts he goes into but at the end of the day “The Code” is not disclosed! Isn’t that typical!

The Code is, Phi, Pi, Fibonacci, Square Root Factors and so on, They are the five shapes he does talk about.

So have a listen but beware He does not disclose the Secret Code – That I have already disclosed in my Book and that name is TRIANGULATION!

Any Amy person who has had to triangulation ones position or a position of a target should know exactly what I am talking about, as should any surveyor who can do surveying without computer equipment, will be able to know what the market is doing in seconds after they read just one page of my books! These are:

  1. Market Triangulation – Christian – Spiritual Investing & Trading

word-imageword-image2. NO:1 Market Top Secret – Compact – Not updated as yet

word-image3. The Mathematically Correct Triangulation Rhythm “wave” Model

All these three books are the same except the christian one has Christian information and the compact one has not been updated.

Therefore if you don’t mind Christian information purchase the Market Triangulation Book. if you do and you want updated best charts and so on then purchase ”

The Mathematically Correct Triangulation Rhythm “wave” Model” Book but if you like to see how I worked it out and original charts I used then purchase the compact version.

The Code

Episode 1

Episode 2

Episode 3


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