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First Thing – Recognition of Numbers

The first thing to recognise is that EVERY thing, Yes everything is numbered.

In this simple song below, is a very simple concept but it is incredibly important. See if you can working out before he gets to 100.

I was not going to put that video on here because of how basic is it, but if actual fact it is very relevant

The Bible says in Luke 12v7 KJV: But even the very hairs of your head are all numbered. Fear not therefore: ye are of more value than many sparrows.

In modern language your DNA is numbered. In fact DNA is mentioned if you will, in the Bible. Moses had to make up a symbol of Healing… I leave that for you to look up.

If everything is numbered then all we need to do to invest profitably, is learn how the numbers work, correct, Yes, but how do they work?


If they work, learn to control the second part of the Scripture says Fear not. Remember the servant that “FEARED” because he thought he might lose he did not invest or even try. So Fear not

In the Talent Parable the last servant who feared got it wrong. If he had tried and lost at least he would have learned from his mistakes. He could eventually try again, but because he feared, he lost in the end and, probably had a miserable life, of not knowing and not being trusted.

Better to try and fail and try again than to not try at all and lose everything.

Seeing that everything is Numbered and God himself is going to teach us from his bible, his word, his wisdom, and teach us how to profit in all things, but here we are looking at investing profitably, it is logical the first thing to do is look for the right numbers & the laws behind the numbers that make the numbers work.

One set of numbers are Square Root numbers or Square roots numbers that are between the square roots of say 2 and 3, for example square root of 2.2345 is square root between 2 and 3, one just needs if they wish to find out what it (the market they are trading uses) and another set of numbers are Fibonacci sequence numbers.


Uploaded – same video just loaded in case it gets deleted

The fact is that the financial markets are numbered they MUST comply with the Law of Vibration and Harmony, They have too. If they did not they would be random with random out comes. However God said he would teach us to profit. God cannot teach us to profit if the outcome is random.
The outcome MUST be known at the beginning if it is not then it is a random out come

Enter W.D.Gann who discovered these very things as Gods revealed the hidden secrets as they searched them out.

Also Ralph Elliott discovered some patterns in the markets but he has got it wrong and I have proven that in my book “Cornerstone Targeting part one of the HOLY GRAIL of Trading Targeting Accuracy – Increase your Accuracy to over 99%.

I could not get it 99% accurate if the outcome was random and the brokers could not average 65% accuracy (that’s the consensus just google it) if the outcome Is random.

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