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Secret to the Markets

Everybody is looking for the Secret. How many times do we see youtube video’s titled “the Secret of the” or “The 10 Secrets” when you watch them you think like “Rodney McKay” the brilliant scientist of Stargate Atlantis and say or think in your mind “oh come on” what is secret about that?

In the Bible we read there is nothing new under the Sun – old testament. In the new testament in Revelation we read, that John was told not to seal up the words of the book. In other words DO NOT make them secret. If you want to read about one of the prophecies coming true on the weekend of 23-24 September 2017 you can buy the book here or you can have it free by buying one of my trading books here . title is “Woman in Heaven gives Birth.  sub title 7:36AM on the 23rd of September 2017.

Therefore there is nothing secret as it were. There are just discoveries not yet realised as yet.

Secrets usually discovered by the one or a few

Secrets are normally discovered by one person or a few people working together in there fields or individuals working in their individual fields that bring knowledge to the table and from that group knowledge they make incredible discoveries.

For example, we have Einstein with his discovery among many of MC squared. We have the team that worked together and discovered the Electric Light Blub.

Value of a secret

Now a discovery has immense value. For example I visited a Financial Services patent lawyer in SYDNEY Australia and asked him, am I breaching someone’s patent, to which he said no BUT you can have a Algorithm patent You just cannot talk about your secret for up to 5 years. You will need to apply for patents in Australia, USA, EU, Japan, Korea, Singapore and no doubt a few others. I immediately on my return went into shut down because of the immense value of what the algorithm was worth, nobody was going to find out until…..I was ready.

I mean it was a lot of money, now to some it would not be a lot but to most it would be a lot. Most being 99.99% of people on the Earth. So on my return I went into shut down. Nobody was going to know until I was ready, my book would be archived for a few years.

However there is an old saying a dollar in the hand is better than two in the bush. Mother would always tell me this. When you think of the size of the Australian Bush, that is a lot of bush. So after two days I decided no I would forsake the potential value of my patent and publish my book.

I mean just over a decade ago, I use to sit at my desk and dream that one day I would be able to buy a luxury boat not just any luxury boat but a big one. One that was worth a lot of money, the same value really of what I was told my patent would be worth, then I would still have my book sales and the business I would build from it as well. I mean I would going to be well off that is for sure. Here is a picture similar to the one I dream’t about for a few years, I moved a lot cannot find the picture of the actual boat, it was a bit more slick than this one below.

There are rich people in the cemetery and there are people who did not fulfil there dreams in the cemetery both ended up in the same place. Some in the cemetery are not rich in money but lived their life the way they wanted to and loved and were loved by their families, these are the rich people I believe however the true rich people in the cemetery as far as their clay bodies are concerned are the ones who receive the gift of eternal life, something of immense value and the one thing we cannot buy and to receive, that, it is not a secret in fact it is incredibly easy to achieve. The Thing that has the most immense value Eternal life is the cheapest to achieve. It costs ZERO. You cannot get cheaper than that!

Value of my secret of the Markets

As soon as I started to advertise my book titled “Cornerstone Targeting (Tri-Rhythms) part one of the HOLY GRAIL of Trading Targeting Accuracy – Increase your Accuracy to over 95%” I started getting people on linkedin etc asking if they could follow me and then once approved asking me for my Clue or Secret, they could not even be bothered building a rapport with me!

My secret is worth a lot to a lot of people in fact it is worth a lot to anyone who has investments or trading or superannuation, I mean it is worth a lot of money of varying value to a lot of people. In fact it is worth a lot to anyone who deals in some way in humanistic behaviour, be it transport, population growth, anything!

The Financial Services Patent Lawyer said to me Barry this is worth a lot. The fact you can get it right on the markets and be 99.9 to 100% correct every time on your calculations, through a simple easy to understand process, and you have the effective method that anyone can follow means it is worth a lot. That off course that begged the question. Okay Mr. Financial Services Patent Lawyer. Remember a patent Lawyer deals in “secrets” of immense values at times and this Lawyer had previously filed algorithm patents so he was well verse in this area. Se he told me the figure. The figure was immense. The figure would buy that luxury boat I had set a goal for many years before about 12-13 years before.

The figure was $100,000,000 AUD yes that’s right one hundred million dollars. I was not surprised but I did like the number very much. The power of 1 amplified by 8 zero’s I could handle that. Plus my book, the computer programs the financial services businesses and so on, Billionaire here I come. AND that was just the Financial Services Industry, what about all the other industries that deal in Humanistic behaviour, I mean the LORD showed me or allowed me to know something truly great and truly immense value.

But then there’s that saying “a dollar in the hand is better than two in the bush” what help would this be if I died in a few years, what help would this be to the average Mum and Dad. What is the big deal, did the money help Steve Job’s? No there is a better way. Let the information out for others to benefit and I gain a little maybe just enough to live on and anyway now I know the secret I can make money a lot of money on the markets anyway more than I need to live. The bucket shop companies like those of Jesse Livermore’s day will soon fear me, because as my money expands so will my accounts and those bucket shops are primary targets to me.

Secrets are usually Simple

Most secrets are usually simple. Take MC squared for example the formula is simple. Yet could you think of it? A bike is simple a boat is simple. Noah’s ark is simple it just had to float or was it. In its blots scientists have found titanium yes titanium back 5000 years ago! My secret is simple. However have you thought of it? It is very simple but yet not known in the history of the financial markets for the last 230 years and in the wheat market 1000 years. Yet it is simple and easy to use and understand but not drilled down to MC squared though.

The secret published

So the e-book will be published on the 17th November 2013 or thereabouts and Hard Cover at a later date, you can pre-order the hard cover version if you wish just click on the book cover below. The secret Trading Accuracy book is out. How to get your Trading Targeting Accuracy over 95% and if you do well like me 99 to 100% very often indeed will become your normal. I have updated it again and now called it Market Triangulation.  Which is how one targets to a greater than 95% accuracy rate. but where do you measure from and to and what is the process is in the book and not on my site or any others than I know of.

You can buy it here at CORNERSTONE TARGETING.

The book is cheap very cheap. Here you have the greatest secret of the Financial Markets in 1000 years and its only going to cost you a few hundred AUD dollars. I used to lose a lot more than the cost of the book on each trade. Then there was all the money to listen to people who in the end did not know!

So now you have the secret in one beautiful book, Yes I will improve and upgrade over time but they will be parts 2 and 3 just small refinements to the accuracy one can now achieve.

Buy the book and do your self the favour as you will probably make the cost of it back in a few seconds on a large trade and a couple of days on a small trade, and you will not longer need to do any of the following:

listen to the news
use indicators
use four dimensional Analysis
use an average or multiple moving averages
use fundamentals
use Astrology
use Astronomy
use Cycle Analysis
pay for expensive monthly subscriptions

AND yes you will save a lot of time, and money and many other intangible things you will gain and or not lose!

I hope you enjoy my book you can buy it here by clicking on the cover below, it comes to you cheap but it was immensely expensive in the learning and the getting it to you. If you buy a Hard

Market Triangulation Spiritual Investing & Trading front cover only

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