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Barry D.G.Gumm, Left high School to work his way up in G J Coles supermarket chain then did a varity of jobs, and hardly read a book in his life when he started his Financial Services Career at the age of 27, on the 3rd of March 1990 with an Australian Insurance named National Mutual. Over the years he studied and built a very good Insurance and Financial Planning business in country South Australia. Associates in the industry said he was a good operator. Many a time he had to sleep out bush in a swag or tent and work the next day at Roxby Downs, Olympic Dam (Copper, Gold & Uranium mine) & Andamooka (opal) area. He no longer provides financial advice preferring just to write books and spend time doing other things.

Barry may have left school early but he had dreams, and although things were tough he has an amazing ability to get round things and obstacles as it were. He would always asked when facing a problem “okay how do I get around this?”. It was no different with the markets, he has found out the truth about the markets and done it very quickly indeed. He has spent 5 years (started in 2008) trading it took only 2.5-3 years to learn the truth about the markets and exactly how they move to being over 99% correct on every target.

In the end he was not satisfied with his amazing accomplishments in South Australia and in 2004 moved, even though he was basically semi-retired at age 42, he decided to move to the east coast of Australia. He wanted to learn exactly how the markets moved and started this quest in late 2008. After realising that the market does not move according to the NEWS, and all the other usual reasons we are lead to believe, he sought out the truth.

He realised that the markets moved according to the Law of Vibration and Harmony. He says now “no wonder the brokers and manage funds lose most of the time”. Jesus described the law of Vibration and Harmony as “Ask, Seek, Knock” and it shall be given or come to you. Hence the Self Development Industry thrives!

Ezekiel described / seen a vision of it (law of Vibration and Harmony) as the Wheel within the Wheel. These are accurate descriptions and in the bible in Genesis Chapter 1 verse 2-3 we read that God said “let there be light”. The question then comes which came first vibration or light? The answer off course is vibration. God Spoke = sound, and we read that the spirit of God moved on the face of the waters, before God Spoke. There was movement before light (for this universe anyway) was created.

Barry realising this sought out the truth. In 2011 he studied hard very hard indeed to find the truth about the markets. In less than 9 months his accuracy went to over 95% and now in 2013 is over 99% to the fourth decimal point he measures it. He basically studied 90-100 per week for the first 3 months including weekends, then 80-90 hours per week for the second quarter and 60-70 for the third quarter which is a minimum of 3,000 hours study in just 9 months and all market and the law of vibration and harmony related.

Off course he is not going to tell you here what it is that makes him so accurate, to have that knowledge you will need to buy his wonderfully written and illustrated Letter size Portrait 200 page Full Colour book or e-book. These are available here cornerstonetargeting.com on pre-release sale at a highly discounted rate. At first it was going to be 40% off but now it is more like 60% off, if ordered on pre-release sale which will end in November 2013.

In his book he mathematically proves many things however, one of those for example is that the market on whatever time frame you chose goes up or down (for bear markets) in 693 Rhythms. It cannot go higher or lower than 693 Rhythms. Or as Barry calls them (Tri-Rhythms).

He points out that the number 693 is also a warning number like the number 666. However you will not find it mentioned in the bible yet it is there. He says it maybe coincidence but God does not work randomly and therefore it may not be coincidence. Coincidence Maybe!

The Six Hundred and Ninety Third (693) verse in the Bible is Esau lets read it in the Amplified Bible, Genesis 25:34 Then Jacob gave Esau bread and stew of lentils, and he ate and drank and rose up and went his way. Thus Esau scorned his birthright as beneath his notice.

The same is in the markets and Barry explains in his book how to work it out, that when the Market whatever one is trading and on whatever time frame gets to 693 Rhythms the market MUST reverse. It is a law of Vibration and Harmony. One that cannot be ignored and one that can make one extremely rich.

Esau close to receiving untold wealth for him and the Billions after him gave it away. It is the same in the markets you might be sitting on wonderful profit but if you hold on too long the market reverses and you lose your profit and maybe more.

Barry points out that he once had a client who said when my account gets to $1,000,000 AUD I will sell the lot. It got to $980,000 just $20,000 short. The market got to 693 Rhythms and reversed. The client lost $300,000 and has never recovered it as yet to this date.

There are many truths backed up with mathematics in his book titled “Cornerstone Targeting (Tri-Rhythms) part one of the HOLY GRAIL of Trading Targeting Accuracy – Increase your Accuracy to over 95%.

Barry says if you have done high school mathematics then you all ready know how to work out the targets, however in his book it explains shows and proves how to work out the targets. The book includes one chapter as a training manual as well!

There are many truths backed up with mathematics in his book they are too numerous to put on this website and have been beautifully illustrated in the book.

If you wish to follow Barry on his bog you can go here revampyourmind blog and on the Cornerstone Targeting Blog here

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