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The number 666 is mentioned in the bible in Revelations 13

The number 666 is very important in the stock market.

When the market squares out in time and price Gann, says the market or stock / commodity will change direction.

For example on the 1st of November 2007 when the Australian Stock Exchange XJO index (top 200 companies index) reached 6851.50 the High, it squared out both in time and price.

It squared out with the number 666

With 668 days and 663 trading days (on a daily Chart) average there being 665.5 trading days. Only half a day trading and as the high was made part way through the trading day, the squaring out was probably exact. See Chart Below. Note Legend: Bars = Trading Days, Days = Calendar Days & Points = number of points difference between the two points.

XJO Daily chart Sqauring out with the Number 666

It also squared out on a weekly time frame of 664 weeks. Very close to 666. See chart Below

Offcourse the XJO index fell 3,700 points. Anyone going short (making money as the market goes down) would have made a fortune.

All they had to know was how God’s law applied to the markets.

We see the Number 666 is very important both for the major market turns as described above and the minor turns as well. God warned us about the number 666. He cares for us, he wants us to be profitable, he teacheth thee to profit. Go long at the lows, and make money on the way up when it squares out, and 666 if fulfilled with a tolerance and a wise judgement call. Close out the position (take you money off the table as it were) & then wait, when appropriate go short, make money on the way down. when it squares out, repeat the process.

Being on the right side of the trade is critical to profits and therefore it is critical to know what the law (God’s Law of Harmony and Vibration) is doing or about to do. I. e. fulfil an up direction and go down or vise versa complete a down direction and go up.

When investing knowing where the market, stock or commodity for example IS in relation to the numbers is Criticial. In Fact it is absolute.

Investing via Gods numbers is Everything.

Albert Einstein was a man who was known for choosing his words carefully especially if they went on record.

As Albert Einstein said “Gott wurfelt nicht” GOD does not play dice

Neither should you when investing.

Below is a more recent example on the DOW JONES, chart was up to date as of 31st July 2011. This chart shows that the DOW Jones Squaring out with the number 666. It the chart begins at the low of March 2009 (Daily Chart). Notice how it, the DOW JONES index, is starting to Roll over, “its getting tired of going up” a Market turn is probably coming soon. If fact if you goto calls you can see how I expect it to square out at the end of September 2011 beginning of October 2011. Down for August see planet chart in Market calls and then up in September to square out. If my calculations are right with the S&P500 which have been calculated the same way Gann said to do it.




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