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John 21:v11

So Simon Peter went aboard and hauled the net to land, full of large fish, 153 of them; and [though] there were so many of them, the net was not torn.

It was not until August 2011, after being born again Christian for Almost 30 years!, that I asked God what is this 153, and what has it to do with the stock markets.

When going through the Planet Alignments both Unfavourable & Favourable for 2012 & 2013 one week later, I noticed in Heliocentric setting of alignments of the planets (viewing the Planets from the View point of the Sun) that the number 153 came up a number of times.

I Googled it and found that 153  is a perfect 5 month Cycle. That it also uses the number of 144 from Revelations.

See link below to go to wikki and read more.

153 – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia – CachedSimilar
For the number (and other uses), see 153 (number). … (CLIII) was a common year starting on Sunday (link will display the full calendar) of the Julian calendar. …


Julian day – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia – CachedSimilar
Jump to Gregorian calendar from Julian day number‎: Let J be the Julian day number from which we want to … Gregorian Calendar …

The number 153 Triangular

The number 153 is the 17th triangular number. The colours show that 153 is also the sum of the first five positive factorials.

Now we know that 153 is a five month cycle how do we find this in the Stock Market. Unfortunatley i have not found a tool as yet that can detect a cycle forming and project it forward. However Market Analyst Number Searcher Tool can inform you of when a Five Month Cycle is finished. If you set the Number Searcher to 153 Days and do this on the DOW Jones, S & P 500 & XJO Indexies you will find this below.

Click to enlarge.

DOW Jones 153

S & P 500 153

XJO 153

DOW Jones 153 & 666

S & P 500 153 & 666

XJO 153 & 666

As you can see using the Number 153 in addition to 666 gives you a greater probability of seeing when a market is changing direction, and therefore increasing your profits and reducing your losses.



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