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Trading & Investing God’s Way

God want us to Trade and Invest wisely if we choose to Trade and or Invest.

God will teach us to profit.

This is true but in Financial Markets all which may have applied in a small why is about to get thrown upside down if you will or 1/3 of the things some use and I used to like planets and stars and timing by them will be down on earth.

This will reveal and especially towards the very end just before Jesus returns that ALL FINANCIAL MARKETS are ALL MANIPULATED and the most easiest and most consistent of these is the forex markets.

Its all corrupt and what is not will be via crypto currencies…. Therefore although I have de-menu-ed the pages I had on here they are still available on the net – but to me they are useless because of what the elite are planning and what will happen soon in our time frame ‘Human time frame”.

If one wants to know how to trade they need to read my book on human rhythms and then think like a snake – “wise as a serpent” and follow ICT – Micheal Huddleston.  Everything Else is basically distraction from the truth.  The Central banks allowed all this rubbish so you would not know the truth of how they control price and use Time and Price against you.  Diagonal lines and trend lines are not it Horizontal lines are TIME AND PRICE.  

IF you want to trade you have to learn a lot and think like a central bank – Good Luck – It took me over a decade and even then it was Michael Huddleston’s Mentorship Course that really got me to think straight.  Thanks be to Michael Huddleston! Praise God for ICT-Michael Huddleston!

Isaiah 48:17 KJV says: Thus saith the LORD, thy Redeemer, the Holy One of Israel; I am the LORD thy God which teacheth thee to PROFIT, which leadeth thee by the way that thou shouldest go.

The Message bible says this “I am God, your God, who teaches you how to live right and well. I show you what to do, where to go……

Therefore if God wants us to PROFIT OR DO WELL  in all things not just investing, but relation to investing on this webpage of this part of of the site revampyourmind – Investing God’s Way, he says he would teach us.

It is therefore logical that within the Bible is hidden the path’s and the knowledge on how to invest profitably. For it is written in Proverbs 25:2 KJV:  It is the glory of God to conceal a thing: but the honour of kings is to search out a matter.

In Matthew 25, we read about a Master (Employer / Boss) who gave his servants (employees / workers) talents, to look after them and make them grow or increase in value.

To servant one he gave 5 talents the next 2 and the last 1 talent.

When the Master (Employer / Boss) returned he wanted to account for his money and how the servants / employees investment performance had gone while he was away.

The first servant (employee / worker) he gave 5 turned traded them into 10 talents (100%) Gain.

The Second servant he gave 2 talents too, and he gained 2 more making a total of 4 talents which is also 100% gain.

The last servant was afraid (or feared) and buried his talents in the Ground, or under the mattress, or hid in an underground safe for example. In other words the servant did not do any work (any study) and did not make the money work to make it increase.

The end result is the first two servants were trusted with more (and presumably had a better lifestyle) but the last servant had, what he owned (or in charge off / in his care), taken away from him. (He lost everything) and presumably needed to work until he died (no retirement income for example).

In the modern day we can call this (losing what we have but not made to grow) inflation. Even the things that are not included in the Consumer Price Index (CPI) can erode the value of your money very quickly just take food and petrol for example. Not included in the CPI but they sure do go up and recent surveys suggest, that they have gone up a lot more in this decade compared to other decades in which recessions were present in percentage terms.

So you see God wants us to profit / DO WELL  in all areas of our lives including investing. Why investing?

God knows that if you learn to invest or learn to have others invest for you, (i.e you learn to control your advisers), then at least your life will be easier when you get older as you should be able to live on or partly live on the profits for your retirement and, fulfil other scriptures. One for example is Proverbs 13v22 KJV, A good man (or a good Woman) leaveth an inheritance to his / Her children’s children, Their Grandchildren! Part of that can be a physical inheritance as well as a moral spiritual inheritance.

So what is Christian Investing or Investing In God’s ways about?

Its about being Good to one’s Self and being Good to the Generations to Follow, following God’s Principals he has made, with investing using his mathematics – his natural law of Vibration & Harmony, after all he wrote the book of numbers.

So that begs the question. Where do we find God’s mathematics?

The answer is quite simple really especially since the internet has come of age. All you have to do is google most of it, and purchase the books on the rest, study and read. Get understanding and with all that getting get wisdom as well. In fact God’s mathematics is everywhere, you just have to open your eyes and ears.

There is information not currently or freely available on the internet like Bradley F. Cowan books re timing. I for one, am so glad I purchased them.

If you like Astrology you may want to purchase some of Olga Morales material.

HOWEVER if you do not want a steep learning curve, if you want a simple yet very effective method and process then you need to purchase my book from cornerstone targeting currently the Hard cover is on pre-release sale until some time in in 2014 or you can purchase the eBook which is available now and on Amazon and the such like by the end of December 2013. “Cornerstone Targeting – (Tri-Rhythms) part one of the HOLY GRAIL of Trading Targeting Accuracy – Increase your Accuracy to over 95%”

The interesting thing is Barry is usually now 99.++++% correct on his targets. That’s better than any indicator out there. In fact how can a MACD or pitchfork, multiple moving averages indicate months to years in advance to the point? They cannot even do it just days ahead. Yet Barry can using Gods numbers and using the simple method that until Barry discovered and invented. It had been missed for the last 230 years history of the stock markets and 1,000 years for the Wheat markets.

You see you can do it hard and God will show you the hard way, you can do it man’s way with all the indicators you like, that report generally after the fact or you can do it the simple way that God also shows one if one asks.

This is what Barry did and now he gets it usually 99.++++% to 100% correct.

If you like to short cut your learning and just use a simple method Buy Barry’s Book. Click here

No 1 market top secret for Christians 1 1.1 cover

How do we invest the way God would invest? Choose a Subject from the list below:

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