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First Blood Moon Done its Job

I was not into the 4 blood Moons thing, But, a lot of Clergy & Pastors were. I was busy writing my books.

However I did take note that in history something as a important event would happen either on a World basis or a Middle East area basis.

The first Blood Moon went passed on the 14th and 15th of April 2014. A few weeks later Turkey turns of the water. Bible says the sixth Angel would pour out its bowl on the River Euphrates and it would dry up too make a way for the Kings of the East! Part one of Revelation 16 has come true. Notice it did not come true in order of how they are numbered in the book of Revelation. I had often wondered about the order and figured that the pouring out of the blow onto river Euphrates had to come a few years before the Kings of the East could drive up it. In fact it (The Angel) has poured out the bowl almost seven years before Armageddon was scheduled.

Apparently they turned the water flow of in 1990 for a few days. This was to prove that they could. However things were not ready then.

They sure are NOW!

Now we have Revelation 12 coming true at 7:36AM on the 23rd of September 2017. After that date there is only 1260 days or 3.5 years. That would bring us to 8th March 2021. Working backwards 7 years brings us to the 8th March 2014! Which was one of the days I was looking for to be a Marker so I would know that I was right, 7 years tribulation started on.

I got that Marker and that was MH 370 Click here to read about that. It is the second post down from the top of the web page.

Therefore I now know that my cycle analysis is correct – WE ARE IN THE LAST 7 Years of Tribulation

The count down is on and it is measurable to a few days or so. Yes I worked out 8th March 2021 but the exact timing is God’s The Lord God Almighty!

I am fired up!

Jesus is coming, Jesus is coming, JESUS is coming Soon, and the World will know that Jesus is the only way through! An old Friend Ian Matthews whose to sing that, How much more relevant is it today 32 years after I first Heard it!

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