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Fake Satan

People going on about Fake Jesus, yeah right!  If Jesus was a fake then why did Satan talk to Him?  Why not just destroy him but ignoring him?

Satan is the fake!  Satan is where the HOLY SPIRIT said he would be in the last days and where is that?

Right here between Virgo’s Legs until 23-24th of September 2017!  Then he is going to be standing on a Beach somewhere in the world but probably I think on an Israel beach!


If Satan was the God then why is he where The Holly Spirit said he would be?  Surely The god Satan could change that?  No he can’t and why not because Satan FAKE’s being GOD so that you might be deceived!

But those that Hear Jesus voice know that HE is REAL and the fake is satan, the snake, the crocodile, the Pheonix the angel of light, who gave him life to apprear as an angel of light ? Oh that is right God the Father Did & Jesus the God did and God the Holy Spirit did.

Better stay away from him – He’ll rip your arms out jim!


satan is FAKE



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