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DOW PUTs Brought

Today I brought another half OPTION contract on the DOW JONES Industrial average.

I wrote this post on my other website here:

Strike Price 14,000. Expiry March 2017.


Why did I do this?

From a Market perspective The Crash has started notice below 3 Monthly Doji’s The DOW JONES has rolled over, and a crash on the DOW Jones has begun, at least I believe it has.

This is easy to know from books and research and history.  We now have a rollover pattern on a MONTHLY chart on the DOW Jones consisting of 5 candles.

Swing High, two lower candles then the High then followed by two lower candles indicates a swing high in technical analysis.

Also it reached my target.


Also from a different perceptive the Constellation Virgo gets pregnant on the 25th of November 2016 see my other website here    AND according to Matthew Nicolson the 26th of November 2016 is 5,555 days after 9/11 event and the number 5 in Numerology is death or Grace over Death.

See Mathews Video

So we have star alignment not happened for the last 12,000 years (stars) are energy / mathematical alignment AND we have an event of 16 years ago (9/11) aligning with a significant number being 4 “5’s”.

Four numbers in a row is ultimate warning.  So lets look at the High formed.  18,668.40 on the Dow Jones Industrial average.

Luna Nodes number of 18.6 or (6+6+6+0.6) = 6666 (removing the decimal place) which is standard practice in Astronomy.

So what is (6+6+6+0.6) + (6+6+6+0.6) (what can it be interpreted as?

6+6+6 is (18 + 0.6 +(6+6+6+0.6)) = 18.667.20  Close enough or as  Bradley Cowan would say “in the ORB of influence” the difference is only 1.24 points.  No doubt other brokers may have it right on the number depending on how they work out their data for the index.

Why Expiry March 2017 Options.  Well if the market moves violently down on or around 26th of November 2016, or if it takes a week or three, you want time in the option on your side.  Buy out of the money options and with time (long dated), gives time for the market to get there (strike price 14,000) and time left over to those who want to BUY at a premium when for example I have brought at a discount.

There are other reasons I have done this but these are the primary reasons.

Also apparently Options MUST to be paid by law where as cash profits may not be! Especially in the USA. Thank goodness I live in Australia!

Why trade so small, well because I trade other markets as well.

What will be the return?

I don”t know, I would expect about 10 grand, but may be as high as 100,000 grand maybe more. We will see what if anything happens.

What if nothing happens? Then I close my puts to keep most of my capital (remember I brought time and I brought at a discount (out of the money options) and wait and look for the right conditions again.

What if I am a Christian and I have my money in the Markets / Stock markets for example?

If the markets go down you will lose your money and your retirement savings and maybe all of it.  Go back to the video above and listen to what Obama is telling  you!

Where is this in Scripture?

There are many scriptures but revelation 17, tells you about the Harlot and how she takes your money from you and the child harlots which are ALL the central banks in the world.

You have been warned and you have also been given an idea to not lose your money but make money on this crash.

Note: This is not a recommendation and past performance is not a guarantee indicator of future performance and this is not an implied recommendation either.

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