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Demon Altered DNA – Homosexuality

The Christians do not understand the issue.  The “official” reports that said Homosexuality was a learned condition were false and made to suit a “church” opinion to divide the church and therefore once divided Satan had the greater power he wanted.  If the churches Pastors, Preachers, Leaders, Elders, Ministers and so one bothered to read the Book of Enoch & the Book of Jasher (both of which are mentioned in the Holy Bible) they would of realised the truth and that is Homosexuality is an Demon Altered DNA condition!

And it can skip many generations before appearing again! The more people on earth the more often it Homosexuality occurs!


I will put the videos as I find them on the truth of this matter below or linked to this page.




Strange birth Video of Ghana woman gives birth to Alien looking baby. Off course there are videos of deformities but this one is unusual.  Videos of pigs with human head and cow gives birth to human baby and so on.  Demons did it all 5ooo odd years ago, and now human scientists learn’t to do it as well.  This also indicates that not many years to go before God says enough and send His Son Jesus to stop the madness and bring peace to this world.








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