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Measuring & Predicting (timing) via the Solar System & Stars


Yes I know the devil that old Dragon Lucifer uses the Pentagram, I am not interested what he does, Number 5 is for grace also, in order for us to be saved by the number 5 Grace and the blood of Jesus instead of Condemned by number 5 of Satan.

Pentagram (5) points of the star.

This page is to illustrate how to construct & maybe use the Pentagram for measuring history & predicting when historical events will / may happen.

Step one

Draw circle the draw the Triangles to make up the pentagram.


Step Two

figure7.3 (2)

 Step Two

The large points are 72 degrees apart.  The smaller points in between are 72 degrees apart.

When measuring the degrees you place the first or future point on A, then the second at 144 degrees at C then E then B then D, and continue

Step Three

At the Half way mark at 36 degrees but still 72 degrees apart you place the smaller historical or future events.

The last and final point is You would track history on the smaller pentagram for the Moon and fast moving planets like, Mercury, Venus, Earth, and finally Mars.

Repeat the process for the larger planets of Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto, you in similar method track the cycles of the Asteroids and Asteroid belts like Ceres.

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