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Four Blood Moons

Let’s get one thing straight it was not 4 Blood Moons it was 5! And lets get another Straight that Jesse Waltman of proves none of them was visible in the land  of Israel!

Yes John Hagee said it was 4 personally I thought the book was a bit of a joke, but then I met someone who said it sparked an interest for them.  If it did that then the book was not made in vein.

Although Jesse’s work proves that he knows his stuff and the 4 blood moon’s book by John Hagee was crap!

Why did I think it was a Joke because he said his ministry had an ministry of Sun Earth Moon and planets/stars in it.  Not so bad right? Yes but how did he work it out he went to NASA and what are NASA doing blotting out Satan Between Virgos legs so that we do not know the truth.

When you know how Ezekiel s wheel within a Wheel or a pentagram within a pentagram works and how to use it and measure it, then you know why John Hague’s book was a joke.  But it sparked peoples interest and that is a good thing.

Okay so where is the 5th Blood Moon.  Well it happen on the 26/11/2014.  That was the same day that Daniels 2300 days and nights started.  What so you mean we have less than 2300 days and nights before the sanctuary is cleansed YES that is what I mean.

Well would be less than 6 years to go by now the 26th March 2015.  Yes that is correct, and no 7 year Rapture and no 6 Year Rapture either they were a lie and so is the 3.5 year rapture.

Well why didn’t John Hague put this in this book, simple he does not know how to work it out!

Okay the third Blood moon was on the 26/11/2014 how come John did not know that? Simple, He did not look for it! why Not? He does not know how to work them out? He can’t be hard right? No its not hard quite easy in fact.

Okay so where was this blood moon NO:3?

It was with Mars not Earth and I wrote about it in my blog.  Mars was in the Jugular of the Man on a Horse with a Bow, and Seal no:1 one was broken and out came a rider with a Bow.  so Seal NO:1 came true on that date as well.

Yes that is correct. Well a Pastor Like John Hague would know that surely.  No he would not. Why? Because unfortunately NASA did not mention it.  Okay I get the point now.  Where is this blog page about the Blood moon and Seal no:1 being broken?  Glad you asked click here or go to this link.

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