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Biblical Astrology & Biblical Astronomy

People say to me a couple of things, 1. You cannot change the word of God, to which I agree and 2. God is against Astrology, to which I say have you read your bible, but in a nicer way….

The fact is God is against Astrology-Soothsayers, you know those that tell you everything you want to hear. These type of Astrology people, I think they should be made to suffer the same laws as the Financial Planners are in Australia.

That industry is compliance mad and it is all about protection of the licence holders not telling the truth of how the Financial Markets work or how you make money!  Due to me finding out the No:1 Market Top Secret, taking my accuracy from the not good to be measured to the fourth decimal point being 99.???? to 100% correct when I make a target, I know how the markets work. I can say over 99% of Financial Planners, Brokers, Finance Advisers, Accountants, Market Technicians & Analysts, Lawyers and all others in and about the matter, DO NOT KNOW HOW THE FINANCIAL MARKETS WORK!

Once I received a bill for something I inquired about when I read through the items one was labelled “In and about the Matter”  Now when I bill someone and I have the opportunity “in and about the matter” is a good one!  the thing is if you are going to see young advisers or even older ones, you get billed the hours that the adviser has to used to learn about what he or she is going to advise you on.  So I generally try and find the older adviser’s if I can, someone else has already paid for the knowledge they now know and quotes from of the top of head’s for little or no cost!

Astrology is Science same as Astronomy is Science!

This Guy in this video makes a very good point, his English is not the best as it is not his first language but the point is very relevant!

The TWO are RELATED and should not be Separated!

So to me it is only reasonable that the soothsayers be subject to fact finders, Personal Spiritual Plans, Follow up Planning and Advising and so on. THEY should be Regulated by ASIC – Australian Securities & Investments Commission. They tell people things and people change their lives on what these soothsayers say.

Onto Bible Astrology & Astronomy.

Disclosure – I  do not know everything about Astrology mentioned in the Bible including Astronomy.  Also I am not giving or providing Personal or Specific Advice.  If you want Personal Astrology advice, go seek a Licensed Astrologist Professional if you can find one, and one that does not charge $5.00 a minute on a 1900 phone number. Which by the way is $180.00 per hour. or in numbers (6+6+6) or 18 amplified by a zero + 0 = $180.00.

I want to tackle is the Planet Jupiter.  A Lot of American preachers quote Jupiter as the biggest planet and so it is so they have learned from astrologists to say it is the King Planet and therefore is representing the King of Kings!  What a load of rubbish.  Jesus did not represent himself on Earth “as come to me I am the King of Kings”. But rather He sought humility and the little things he was interested in, the opposite to what man thought he should be interested in.

As Steve Ewing says “Crikey” pagan’s worshipped and worship Planet Jupiter, they used to worship Jupiter in London along with planet Mercury!


But before Jupiter we see the Moon.  The Moon travels 13.20 degrees or 13 degrees and 20 minutes every day around the Earth.  The Moon therefore is very important.  In Chinese Astrology it has 27 to 28 houses it goes through each day/yr.  The Moon’s Number is 18 or (6+6+6). See Tarot Cards if you doubt me

Fibonacci Numbers.

Work like this, 0,+1=1, +1=2, +1,=3, +2 = 5, + 3=8, + 5=13, +8=21, +13=34, +21=55, + 34=89 + 55 = 144.


Uploaded same video but uploaded in case it gets deleted.

In Geometra or Geometry the number quoted number for the face of God is 144.

Now the universe follows God’s Law which we will see later, it EXPANDS and CONTRACTS on odd integers.  These integers go like this 1, 3, 5, 7, 9, 11 & 13 in both directions being up into eternity and down into eternity.

And we see that 13 is an odd integer.  This means 13 can be good or bad, changes happen at number 13 as they do with all integers, we just notice number 13 more than others.  Off course the devil has taught us to think 13 is bad but for all Saints going to Heaven 13 is beneficial and very critical for those that are in the second judgement.

Also in the single dimension 0 is God.  1 is for God, 2 is for Holy Spirit and God, 3 is for God, Holy Spirit and Jesus, 5 is for Grace and devil, we need Grace to over come the devil, through Jesus Blood, 7 is for finality as in 7 days to a week. 9 is the number we get from the square to the single dimension of God (as demonstrated by a circle) (Video of this will be constructed soon), but 8 is Jesus and we do not get to 9 unless we go through Jesus No:8 (in the first Judgement) and 13 is expansion or contraction.


Cycle Change

Cycles change and most people have no Idea why including 95%+ of all types of Financial Advisers aforementioned.

Cycles change at number 13.  Planets go round the sun at different speeds and distance’s most have a elliptical pattern only Mercury is in a almost perfect circle.

However all are considered at 360 degrees being once round the Sun.  Each go through 12 constellations during their rotation cycle.  Each constellation is 30 degrees.  12 times 30 is 360 degrees.

Notice number 12.  Number 12 as with 10 are considered to be perfect government numbers. BUT add 1 more constellation to the pattern and you have 360 degrees plus 30 degrees which equals 390 degrees.

This is very important.

Due to the complexity and the shear volume this subject commands I will have multiple pages.  I will deal with Planet Jupiter Second, First we visit some Scriptures. click on a link below or go to the drop down menu.

Scriptures Proving Astrology & Approval by God to use them.

God Against Soothsayers Astrology

Astrology Scriptures

Indicating Astrology Signs

Planet Jupiter





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