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I have been a Born Again Christian since December 1981.

Upon moving to Coffs Harbour, New South Wales, I searched the Internet for a Church to attend.  I came across one called LifeHouse, Ps. Steve & Bev Spence had founded it.  On their Website it talked about Speaking in Tongues, . I went along.  Associated with the Australian Christian Churches.  I liked the place.  I had found my home as it were.

When you go somewhere you watch, and with something as precious as your Soul & Eternal life after this life is over, I watched indeed. I wanted to be in the right place as it were.

Recently Ps. Steve Spence gave the most incredible, brilliant and most accurate talk I had ever heard about the receiving the Holy Spirit and Speaking in Tongues “other languages of men and of angles” as the spirit empowers one to do so.

In my first place of worship I was told over and over and over, that no one or no place was as good as them and as such there was nowhere else to be!

Never have I heard it said, expounded, explained, with such clarity, power and authority the reasoning on why one needs the Spirit!   Never have I seen so many people saved and unsaved leave their seats to go out the front as it were for prayer.

When you can preach on a controversial subject, and have 95% of the congregation go out the front for prayer then you know:

A. It was the Spirit doing the Talking via the preacher;

B. He had done a brilliant job of moving on / within the people;

C. The preacher had been blessed by the Holy Spirit and;

D. Pastor Steve had researched the subject, knew about the subject, equally important experienced and continues to experience what it was he was talking about.

Also here is a song written & sang by Paul Rocchi an old friend, that I have lost contact with titled, Repent & be Baptized – have a listen

Over 95% of the congregation went out for prayer that is simply incredible.  Have a listen to the talk, click on the link.

Click here to Listen | Stop

Click here to Download(if this dosen’t work try right clicking and selecting “save target as”)

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