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The Shadow Demons

I have information about Aliens/Demons/Giants on my site for three simple reasons, so that you and I can be informed and Enoch talked about them in the book of Enoch. We know therefore they are with us and travel in ultra fast machines and technology far beyond what man since Noah has come up with and the third reason, because Jesus said the sign given “so in the days of Noah so shall the days be before his second coming.

These days are upon us but will intensify greatly as of 23/09/2017 when the Woman in Heaven gives Birth.

These things are not here to revered in any way.  The are only here, to show they are real and they are from Satan’s side and Satan’s seed I believe.

The shadow Demons are mysterious in that they seem to be constantly running.  You will actually see these on movie’s like the Transformers and Marvel Movies.  Often they are just in the shape of a black pentagram rounded arms and legs person.  They normally have them on to of something like a office building inside a hanger or shed in the movies.

 same video

As you can see they are real, and they phase in and out of our dimension.  Want to spend eternity with these dude’s – No not me!

 I chose Jesus the life giver.

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