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3.5 year Marriage Feast of the Lamb update

Update 21/06/2015

I got to admit this one is really getting up my goat at the moment.  As 1000 years is a day,  and a day as a 1000 years, A marriage feast on Earth normally takes a day, and that is after all the preparation!  Why would the Lord, God, & Holy Spirit want only a 3.5 earth year marriage. It don’t make sense to me, Lloyd Bushman of  Area 51 said in one of his video’s it does not need to make sense it needs to be honest!  This is not honest. This is respect of persons!  Let’s now look at the time thing down right now. 3.5 earth years is 3.5/1000 = 0.0035 God, who has all eternity wants a 0.0035% of 1 day in his time as a marriage feast? LOL what a joke!

But that’s the thing is it not a joke, its more like disrespect for God. God who made the Heavens (notice heavens not heaven) and the earth, everything in it takes thousands of years, and by my basic understand of the Humanistic Behavior Model (which I discovered the correct Rhythms for)  we are in the first set, i.e. around 10,745 years or there abouts (who knows I don’t, but basic logic of the Gumm rhythm is prevailing here). Could be 100 times that, I don’t know but using the Humanistic Behaviour Model “The Gumm Rhythm” then if I am right then it is around the 13,000 year mark, i.e in the 14000 year mark the Marriage Feast would begin.  i.e. after the second Judgement.

That way All participate and therefore “no respect of persons”, other than the first Resurrection are saved by Grace! Then 2 times 7 or the 14th Thousand Year day 14 is or maybe the marriage feast.  I mean in His timing he places 0.0035% celebration of what His Son has via Him has achieved. Now come on, God is a Relationship God, He is not going to spending a little more than a flickering of the eye in eternity time as a celebration.  Lets bring this back to our time frame of a day, a 24 hour period.  24 hours is 24 times 60 minutes (24*60)=1440 times that by 0.0035% what does it give us on earth as a celebration time of our Sons and Daughters wedding feast? 1440*0.0035)=5.04 Which is 5 minutes and 4 seconds!

5 minutes and four seconds!  These 3.5 year marriage feast people are saying that in God’s time the Marriage comparative to Earth’s day is only going to be 5 minutes and 4 seconds?

Now come on have a bit more respect for God than that! I mean if the Males were Females, this is easy for the Females, Hey Girls would you want your Marriage Celebration Feast to be 5 minutes and 4 seconds long? Most have been more than that, some have not!

Not me it cost me a lot to have a wedding, with very little support, I or I should say, My wife and I paid for most off it ourselves and no honey moon.  If it was only going to be 5 minutes and 4 seconds long, I would not have bothered.  Just let me sign the contract and lets get on with what we were doing would have been my response!

God who had His Son die for us, unless He was a loving relationship God, may well have just thought the same.

He is a loving relationship God, is not going to spend 5 minutes in Earth time comparatively in Heaven on a Marriage Feast!

Especially after He, Jesus and The Holy Spirit have spent 13,000 years of hard work, just to draw up and execute the documents (covenants) as it were!  Which if we break that down 3.5 years /13,000 years = (3.5*365.34)/(365.24*1000*13)=1278.34 days/4748120 days (1278.34/4748120)= 2.6923076923076923076923076923077e-4

See God would do all that and then only spend 2.692307 and so on % in celebration?

Conclusion 3.5 year marriage feast is Rubbish! The numbers do not work!

BUT 1 day as in 1000 years = including the marriage day = 14,000 years 2 times 7, now we are getting to sensible numbers that the Lord uses!  13,000 years of work 1,000 years in Celebration = 14,000 Earth Years!  or 1/14th noticed I have use 14,000 not 13,000 that is because the Rapture people believe the 3.5 year marriage feast is in the 13,000 time period I am assuming it is after the second Judgement that way all mankind that have been saved can join in and therefore no respect of persons and the count started at 0

Let’s compute 14 Days = 14,000 years = 14,000*(365.24*1000)=365,240 days = 14*365.240= 5,113,360 Now that is very interesting number or numbers! that’s for another time.

365,240/511360= Now get this number WOW = 0.07142857142857142857142857142857 Can you see that.  Drop the 0.0 standard practice in Astronomy and Biblical Astrology!

You are left with 714 or move the decimal point and you have 7.14  7 days in a week !

7.14 can be 7+1+4=12, 12 Rhythms in Humanistic Behaviour model (that I discovered I might just add there, (well the Lord showed me really) “The Gumm Rhythm”  12 is also at the bottom of the model bottom of the Great Pyramid i.e. the upside down room!  13 Is the start of the next rhythm, but I am counting from 1 to 1000 is in the 1. As with the Model one can count zero as a number if they wish. When one counts from 0 Number 8 the number for Jesus ends at the edge of the circle of the ONE Dimension being GOD, when  you start at 1 when you get to 8 you are at the edge of the square, i.e. squared out, pearled out, edged out, called out, saved out of death and damnation.

What is 12 of? 12 times 12 it 144, the Square of 12 is 144 which is said to be the number of the Holy Face of God. 144 is in the Book of Revelation. 12 tribes of 12,000 = 144,000. Rev 7 & 14.  Notice 12 gates to the city 3 on each side!

7*1*4 = 28 or 4 times 7=28 Jesus said, In my Fathers house (Heaven) there is many Mansions (Biblical Astrology).  John 2 v 14 KJV

See the pattern in the Scripture Chapters & Verses?  Now we have John 2 v 14 Revelation 7 & 14.  2 times 7 = 14, 2 times 14 =28

Could go further but I will leave it there.  3.5 year or 0.0035% of a day for a marriage feast of eternity time is does not fit, and as it does not fit, it is not of God, but rather just another deception, to try and make one think less of God, than one should.

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