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Kingdoms & The New World Order

The Scripture used on this page will be from the message bible this is done simply for the ease of reading and no other reason. Unless people are used to reading the King James Version, they may find it very hard to read therefore the message bible has been used.

Daniel Chapter 2: 31-46

31-36 “What you saw, O king, (King Nebuchadnezzar) was a huge statue standing before you, striking in appearance. And terrifying. The head of the statue was pure gold, the chest and arms were silver, the belly and hips were bronze, the legs were iron, and the feet were an iron-ceramic mixture. While you were looking at this statue, a stone cut out of a mountain by an invisible hand hit the statue, smashing its iron-ceramic feet. Then the whole thing fell to pieces—iron, tile, bronze, silver, and gold, smashed to bits. It was like scraps of old newspapers in a vacant lot in a hot dry summer, blown every which way by the wind, scattered to oblivion. But the stone that hit the statue became a huge mountain, dominating the horizon. This was your dream.

36-40 “And now we’ll interpret it for the king. You, O king, are the most powerful king on earth. The God of heaven has given you the works: rule, power, strength, and glory. He has put you in charge of men and women, wild animals and birds, all over the world—you’re the head ruler, you are the head of gold. But your rule will be taken over by another kingdom, inferior to yours, and that one by a third, a bronze kingdom, but still ruling the whole land, and after that by a fourth kingdom, iron like in strength. Just as iron smashes things to bits, breaking and pulverizing, it will bust up the previous kingdoms.

“The great God has let the king know what will happen in the years to come. This is an accurate telling of the dream, and the interpretation is also accurate.”
Median Persian

Greek & Roman and Jesus

41-43 “But then the feet and toes that ended up as a mixture of ceramic and iron will deteriorate into a mongrel kingdom with some remains of iron in it. Just as the toes of the feet were part ceramic and part iron, it will end up a mixed bag of the breakable and unbreakable. That kingdom won’t bond, won’t hold together any more than iron and clay hold together.

44-45 “But throughout the history of these kingdoms, the God of heaven will be building a kingdom that will never be destroyed, nor will this kingdom ever fall under the domination of another. In the end it will crush the other kingdoms and finish them off and come through it all standing strong and eternal. It will be like the stone cut from the mountain by the invisible hand that crushed the iron, the bronze, the ceramic, the silver, and the gold.

The pictures above are self explanatory really. The First Kingdom was Babylonian or modern Iraq. The Second Kingdom was in Modern terms Iran. The third Kingdom was Greek. The fourth Kingdom was Rome. The Kingdom which still is, is Roman. Except now It has many parts to it some of the strength of Rome and other parts of clay and therefore will not bond. Example of this is USA is not part of the Euro. Although it Answers to the EU in law and during the Economic Crisis the USA gave the EU hundreds of Billions of Dollars. Just like nations did in past time pay rates and taxes to the Kingdoms that ruled over them.

The Stone that will smash them all is Jesus Kingdom, which is growing all the time.

Lion & Head of Gold

Daniel 7:1-8

In the first year of the reign of King Belshazzar of Babylon, Daniel had a dream. What he saw as he slept in his bed terrified him—a real nightmare. Then he wrote out his dream:

2-3 “In my dream that night I saw the four winds of heaven whipping up a great storm on the sea. Four huge animals, each different from the others, ascended out of the sea.

4 “The first animal looked like a lion, but it had the wings of an eagle. While I watched, its wings were pulled off. It was then pulled erect so that it was standing on two feet like a man. Then a human heart was placed in it.

King Nebuchadnezzar, lifted up in himself pride, so God made him dumb and he ate grass for seven years. I .e His wings were torn off him as it were. After seven years he acknowledged God of Heaven and humbled himself, and a human heart was placed in him again as were.

5 “Then I saw a second animal that looked like a bear. It lurched from side to side, holding three ribs in its jaws. It was told, ‘Attack! Devour! Fill your belly!’

Chest of Silver and Bear

Chest of Silver and Bear

The Medo Persians Destroyed Three major Kingdoms and Babylon it destroyed in one Night.

Four Headed Beast

6 “Next I saw another animal. This one looked like a panther. It had four birdlike wings on its back. This animal had four heads and was made to rule.

Four Headed Beast

When Alexandria the Great Died he left his Kingdom to his four Generals, which are the four Heads of the beast illustrated.

Legs of Iron & Ten horns
7 “After that, a fourth animal appeared in my dream. This one was a grisly horror—hideous. It had huge iron teeth. It crunched and swallowed its victims. Anything left over, it trampled into the ground. It was different from the other animals—this one was a real monster. It had ten horns.

8 “As I was staring at the horns and trying to figure out what they meant, another horn sprouted up, a little horn. Three of the original horns were pulled out to make room for it. There were human eyes in this little horn, and a big mouth speaking arrogantly.

Table of Kingdoms

The Little Horn is the AntiChrist which will be born on the 23-24th of September 2017. It is little because it will last for a short time. 42 months or 3 and a half years only. The Antichrist will speak arrogantly, you will obey or you will not EAT. Which is already starting to happen. See January 2014 News page. Children in the UK 1 million of them already are not allowed to have School provided Lunches if they are not finger printed, that is speaking and acting arrogantly and a lot of it was done without parents consent! The people behind the Governments do not care about people or their children. You will obey or you will stave to death. However ones that believe in Jesus will be cared for, even if they are killed.

The Human eyes in the little horn I believe is the MicroChip and the EU or the Computer that is nicknamed the Beast because of how large it is, which is in Luxenbourg and belongs to the EU.

Club of Rome

The ten horns are representing that the world has been divided into ten sections. 10 Kingdoms without a King. Completed on the 17th of September 1973 which is 44 years and sixth days before the birth of the Antichrist on the 23rd of September 2017.

Ten Energy Agencies

Another View the world broken into 10 energy area’s by the World Trade Organization and recognised by the United Nations.

Quotes by the Architects of the New World Order

Quotes by the Architects of the New World Order 2

Benjamin Disraeli recognised in 1844 some 170 years ago that Governments did not rule the world as we like to think they do. People have it wrong when they thinks the presidents and prime ministers are in control.

Quotes by the Architects of the New World Order 3

David Rockefeller saying everything is in place now, i.e all the laws and such like for the One World Order to come into being.

Quotes by the Architects of the New World Order 4

Winston Churchill said it all in 1922. He knew who it was creating the first and second world wars and what for. With Arthur Schlesinger Jr saying again in 1995. We are paying for it in blood (wars) as well as words and money, our wealth is being taken from us in one way or another.

Dr Allen 1776

Dr Adam Weishaup formed the Illuminati within an already secret society in 1776 241 years and a few months before 23-24th September 2017. Its taken 241 years to get here. However God seen it thousands of years ago and shown Daniel in the old testament and John who wrote revelation some 2000 years ago.

The Illuminati

Freemaonry’s History

1717 to 2017 300 years

FreeMason Albert Pike

Interesting is it not?, that they determine that I and You should be misled on propose! I did not know I deserved that? Interestingly in my No:1 Market Top Secret book I expose the secret which hey held dear so long, and it is so powerful that I achieve a usually 99.++++% accuracy in using it! Yet they decided before all who were born these days that we should not be told the truth unless we reach the pinnacle of their secret organization!

A Quote by Albert Pike

After reading that anyone who is a Freemason may wish to rethink who they are really representing. It pretty had to know when they create deceptions to believe in while hiding the truth.

Quotes by Prominent Freemason’s

“Man is God in the Making” that is blasphemous, however the roots of that are “eating from the tree of the Knowledge of good and evil.

Quotes by Prominent Freemason’s 2

Quotes by Prominent Freemason’s 3

Another confirmation it is all about worshipping Lucifer.

Quotes by Prominent Freemason’s 4

Tower of Babel

God mixed the Tonques of the people up when they went to build a tower to reach unto God. They exalted themselves, and they were full of pride so God gave the people of earth many languages to speak instead of one.

Europe Many Tonques one Voice

So now the logo has changed to Europe many Tongues one Voice!

Note the Intended Resemblance

Resemblance of the original.

EU Flag Resemblance

Flags are similar in resemblance.

EU Flag Devil Image Resemblance

Now they align with the hexagram of the Devil. The six pointed star is not the star of David. Israel have it as their insignia however it is the insignia of the Devil and Christians who think is is the star of David are mistaken.

EU Strasbourg Building Zoomed out

EU Building Zoomed In

Above picture show that the Modern Tower is made to resemble the Old unfinished tower.

Old Map of Washington USA

Old Map of Washington USA with hexagram

Modern Map of Washington with Hexagram

Pictures say it all.

American One Dollar Bill

American One Dollar Bill Right Sided Emblem

American One Dollar Bill Right Sided Emblem pointed out

Yes they were on Lincoln’s Greenback! He had to borrow money from the European’s to win the war. In doing so the Green back gained in value and the Confederates Grey back become worthless.

United Grand Lodge of England

Red Hexagram

The Triangle – All Seeing Eye

Meaning of the Words on the American Dollar Bill

Hopefully by you being aware of the above history and maybe buying my book you will come to make peace with the Lord Jesus goto Salvation message page to find out how OR you have come to a deeper understanding of God, Holy Spirit & Jesus the Son of God.

There you have it the history to the birth of the baby on the 23-24th September 2017 is the Antichrist. To read more much more, buy my book and by which I will show you it was all in astronomy and astrology, bible numerics, Cycle Analysis among others.

You have a choice not to accept the Micro chip and therefore worship of the Devil AND follow the Lord Jesus instead. All who do follow the Lord Jesus and believe on him shall have eternal life. Start by becoming Born Again go to the salvation message page to find out how.

Chose Eternal life, Chose Jesus.

* Pictures, table and history are from the Bread of Life Ministries Eschatology DVD’s and by David Nathan and used with permission. I have found David here and his youtube channel here

The above can be view here presentation by David Nathan

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