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Daniels 70 weeks

The thing about Daniels 70 weeks is the way I have been taught it when attending the Revival Centres, then International then Fellowship in Australia. That there were 69 weeks then one week which the Lord fulfilled 3.5 days off in His ministry then the Saints were to finished of the 70th week, with the last 3.5 days a day for a year equals 3.5 years.  If that is the case then the 1260 days or 3.5 years has not yet started.  They will start however on the 23/09/2017.  However, if we are to fulfil the 70th week by us the anointed in Christ then those 7 days started at 11:45pm on the 8th March 2014.  Either way they cannot be fulfilled if we are raptured!  There’s yet another reason why rapture is a lie!

I will look into the prophecy of Daniel over the next few weeks starting 4th June 2015 and see what I can find and align the dates as so forth up with God’s Musical Clock called our Solar System.





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